My name is Gloria Okaiman am a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Am an optimistic person which the letter "O" in my first name represents. 

I am a firm believer that "you and i"  have what it takes to succeed if only we stop trying to be perfect but instead stay true and accept our individuality because perfection is fantasy but the truth is the reality

I love God and and have never been ashamed to proclaim that. 
I like to see my self as a:
G- great
R- responsible
I-intelligent & 
A - adorable personality. 

This brings me to the question: how do you see yourself? 
Join me in my world let's explore the beauty of our individuality together. 

About Blog 
Gloriafines Blog is a lifestyle and inspirational blog created out of a desire to inspire my world. I see this platform as a place where i can contribute my quota to the wellbeing and upliftment of  others. 
Here we discuss trends, solve puzzles and generally enjoy the beauty of life. 

Our vision

Our vision is to raise a positive-minded people with the "i can" mentality and whose lifestyle reflects the glory of God. 

What we do 
We write Inspirational articles, create content, render counselling services, give motivational talks etc. 
Do you want me as a guest in a seminar, conference etc, do you have issues eating you up and you feel like talking to someone about it? Common that is my ministry 😀. 
Feel free to send me a mail on or watsappp 08057288933 

Do you just want us to be friends? Then, please hook up with me here let's connect.. 

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I am open to suggestions and contributions. Please join me to make this light of mine shine as a candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle. 

We are family and families support one another. 

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