Thursday, 4 October 2018


I thought i will write an epistle on my birthday, but i was too emotional to think straight. I didn't think i would see October 3rd 2018, more so when the one who was supposed to be a strong support tells you to your face that you are half human,a skeleton that will soon passed on, what other conviction do you need to know that your case was really bad?.

That day in August i will never forget.i l asked alot of question that i couldn't find answers to but what actually stares back at me each time i actually look at the mirror isn't what i was used to.

I believed all the negative curses except that i was going to die soon. Mbanu i refused to believe that. I  mean why would God give me a blessing as big as lovely as this(my son) and allow me to die prematurely, who would take care of him?

Though, i am still in the process of healing but i believe that God who has started a good work in my life,will complete it. So, this birthday in particular,is so significant to me.
I want to use this medium to thank those who have and are still praying for me, those who have assisted me in one way or the other, I say may God bless you and bring you help in the time of trouble.
To those who left and never bothered to say Hi, i pray you don't go through half of what i have gone through.

Friends, i still need help o if you are led(pls be) come to my DM please i would appreciate anything at this juncture cos it's a whole lot of a long process of healing.

Riri,the role you played in all this, it just shows that you are truly a woman who God uses. Thank you dear.
To all of you who called,send messages on Facebook and other platforms,may God bless you i see all your messages but can't reply to all of them pleasure.
Thank you all for reading till the end😂. I and king JayD loves you all.

PS: Sorry guys i didn't just bumped into you from nowhere. Alot has been happening that i start writing about it gradually.

The most amazing is that "I am now a mom" after 6 years and ten months of trying to conceive and my son is the cutest baby i have ever seen.
I missed my space a whole lot but like they say,what doesn't kill you,makes you stronger.
I will come out better and bigger.

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