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In time past, alot of misconception has been linked to successful women. All kinds of negative allegations have been laid on a successful woman.
I remember, one time a friend told me of her plans to get a car. I was excited, encouraged and prayed for her as the news came to me, as one that deserves commendation coming from a young woman in her late 20s. 
You can imagine how disappointed i was when after a few months of our discussion she was yet to acquire the said car. Upon, our friendly questions and answers on what truncated her plans, she revealed that she was advised by some older folks that getting a car, will drive potential suitors from her. They gave her all manner of reasons why she shouldn't and where able to convince her to remain in the trekkers club.😂 
What a world we live in?thank God, that things have altogether taken a new shape in this present era. So, back to the topic of this post, a lot of women have been deceived to believe that to be successful, you must have done some degrading stuffs. Hell no..... 
Below are some of the lies everywoman must stop believing. 

You must be beautiful 

Yes you must have a beautiful heart, the one devoid of hate and envy but if you mean facial/physical beauty, its a big lie. Success is not traceable to only the physically beautiful ones. You don't have to feel insecure because you do not look like A or B. 
Many have been misled in this area, hence, we have so many women bleaching to veins because they thought you must be light-skinned to be beautiful. The true beauty of a woman is what she has inside. 

You must come from a wealthy background 

While there is a lot of misconception about this, i have seen alot of girls, ladies, women from wealthy families who have become a  shame to their families because of their indecent lifestyle. 

That you come from a wealthy family isn't a yardstick to succeed. You can still fail if you do not set your priorities right. 
Recently, the son of a popular wealthy man said he rather make and have his own money than depend on his father's own. 
Read the story of this kenyan makeup artist here and still tell me women from poor backgrounds don't achieve success if they are persistent.

I conclude by this quote "your background is not the reason while your back is on the ground"

You must sleep around 

Who told you all the successful women we have today, slept their way to the top? Who told you that you must trade your beautiful body to get that contract? Who told you until he sleeps with you, you can't be recommended?
These are all lies, lies, liesss. You should not sleep around to get anything. As a matter of fact, if you slept with him/them to get it, you must keep sleeping with him/them to sustain it. 
Get off that web your body is too precious to be traded for what your zeal and determination can give you. 

The only embargo on the ladder of success is lack of determination. I hope this spoke to somebody?

Please do well to share this post. Thanks🙏 for your time. 


  1. Yes! I learnt a lot from this piece. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think this affects those ladies who lack 'Self-Motivation' and 'determination'. I believe your outlook should be enhanced but not altered because you think men will want you 'very very very beautiful' before they propose.

    Nice reading from you.

  3. Some females associate beauty with success, of course No. The inner beauty is all what one needs to conquer the world and go places

    Great share here Glo

  4. Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. External female beauty assumes an essential part in relational relationship, marriage and social exercises. fashion trends

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