Saturday, 9 September 2017

Clay only become useful when it is moulded into something beautiful by a potter. In its raw and unfashionable state, it serves no useful purpose. It is only a lump of clay lying waste.

You are like a clay in God's hand and you must abandoned yourself in His hands to enable Him mould you to His taste. In other words your spirit, soul and body must be placed under His absolute control to enable Him do what He pleases with you.

Jeremiah 18:1-6 God told Jeremiah to go down to the potter 's workshop obviously to be well acquainted with the operation of the potter. He watched naively and curiously as the potter commenced work. The potter started on the wheels and the clay was gradually forming into shape. A pot was in the making.

When it finally formed into shape, the potter frowned in apparent disgust. He didn't like it :he was not satisfied with the final product. That didn't discouraged him, he set out once more to work, this time with greater determination to produce a pot he liked.

All the while, Jeremiah stood by, overwhelmed by the potter's resolute zeal.
Now put yourself in the potter's place: would you have resigned to fate after the first unsuccessful attempt to mould the clay-pot to your taste?

It's not uncommon to see people giving up after the first unsuccessful attempt of being clay in the potter's hand to attain their life's goal.

A resolute mind is always a winner. Giving up has never been part of my vocabulary. I know so much about success but nothing about failure.

Two of man's greatest problem are disobedience and unbelief. Man is not prepared to allow God lead his life. He wants to do things his own, which unfortunately is the wrong way.

You have to allow God lead your life and completely surrender to His will.

Article sent in by a guest. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. It pays to keep trying, never give up friends. I have missed you Gloria

    Happy Sunday BVs!


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