Tuesday, 15 August 2017


The internet was agog yesterday with photos of a 19-yr-old who married a 23-yr-old girl. The obviously excited young woman, took to her social media page to celebrate her man on their first anniversary which made me believe they married when they were a year older.hmmmmm this one tire me.
Anyways relationship people often say that age is just a number but that's not even where i am going to. My interest is that at 18, i was batting with gaining admission into the university having made my O'level my first sitting, JAMB however, refused to let me go. 

At 18, i had just relaxed my hair and was feeling like a celebrity in my naive way 😂.  
At 18, i still cannot smile back at a boy because by doing that, i would get pregnant. 
At 18, i was told that if a boy tries to say hi to me i should run and never look back. 
At 18, i still participate in the corpus christy as a flower girl in our church. 
At 18, i didn't even have a phone. Oh how "world people"have changed everything.

Infants now dress like adults, no ribbons, no stocks even the princess darts are all going into extinction. 
Kimonos have taken the place of my favorite waist coat.

In all of these, change they say is the only constant thing. So, at 18 where were you?

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  1. I was in university at 18. Happy Sunday Gloria!


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