Monday, 14 August 2017


I have made promises i didn't keep, i have disappointed a lot of you. I seem unserious  to many and many others have simply given up on me. 
This reminds me of my Catholic days where we were mandated to go for confession. I had this particular sin i always confess each and every time i appear before "father. The reason why i became more uncomfortable was that the parrish had just one priest then which means i have to always tell the same sin to the same priest every week😀😀. Remembering that now i feel ashame to always come here to say am sorry for what i have the ability to change. 

I have always known procrastination is a thief of time but what i didn't realize, was that it's effective and smooth operation comes without notice but a hundred reason why you shouldn't and that anyone can carelessly fall a victim. 

Procrastination robs you of today's blessings, it make you miss opportunities that could turn your life around for good, it deprives you of growth and succeed in causing delay and stagnation. 


If you must overcome this habit(whatever you want to call it), you must learn to be focus. Having divided attention, is walking into the den of procrastination without knowing.
Procrastination tells you "you can do it later" "it's not so important after all" etc. 
To be able to overcome this, focus is the first habit to cultivate.

Right Priorities 
Being focus its not enough if your priorities are misplaced. Set your priorities right per time per time. Giving attention to less important things will make the important ones lack attention.

Don't Believe That Lie 
I have always wanted to come back here and drop something but i reluctantly ignore and tell myself "it is too late after all".  I believed that lie for too long and felt comfortable but not proud. 
It's procrastination that tells you "nobody even appreciates your effort", it tells you "what do you even have to offer"? the lies are endless. 
Dearie do not believe that lie cos you may just be missing a lifetime opportunity. Come out from that web and start from where you are. I battled on how to begin this post longer than what it took to put it together.

Be Accountable 
You may be a CEO it doesn't matter all you need do is, see it like your are accountable to someone, see it like you must report to someone, who is your superior and who would not be proud if you don't act up to expectations, who wouldn't be happy if you don't show up at your office at the right time, who would be sad if you don't meet your targets. Most times, we procrastinate because we feel we are not accountable to anyone. "After all its my business i can always do that task later" its the language of procrastination and only YOU 👉 can put a stop to it. 

Say no to procrastination today: go pick up that task, go look into that file again, pick up your pen and just start scribbling something. Your moves may not make much sense to you now but eventually it will.

Oops i have written more than i planned. This is supposed to be a short post and i hope i didn't bore you with my sermon?
I missed being here. 

Btw what would you title this post if you were the writer?


  1. Procrastination is a thief of time. I missed you too

  2. Procrastination is indeed a big thief of time.. There are lot of things i want to do but seems the more i think of them, the less i become excited to do them


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