Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Yes, it happens because we most times, mothers devote more time and energy in training the maids on how to cook well, how to clean the house, run errands, go shopping and on good mannerisms while leaving their own daughters untrained.
They overwork the maids and they adjust with equanimity because they need us to survive.

The maids turn out to manage the indignation and insolence the mothers and their children subject them to. All these make the maids better wives who can manage even the angriest of men, manage resources well, and the upkeep of the family as a whole.
While the madam:s precious daughter(s) are pampered through nursery and primary schools.
They speak good English with British accent. They want and know all the cartoon slangs by heart. The maids are  blue black if they ever ask "madam girls" to help out in domestic duties. They see kitchen things as maids' things.
The girls move from boarding schools to the university, do their NYSC, Masters and get a job. Of course, they are ripe for marriage and you wish that to happen soon.
From one relationship to another, the same story. The guys would parade and dump them. They are only good in outings and red carpet functions lol 😀.

The boys when they notice that the possible wife cannot cook, arrange things and are very domestically untrained, they dumped them because no guy wants to marry a "useless wife".
The rich guys can manage as they would mitigate the handicap by hiring a domestic help but all guys can afford and condole this for a start.

The upcoming and very sensitive guys who would make good husbands, fathers and leaders would not manage these parents' inflicted shortcomings. They would settle for well trained ones. They know the value and the pride in hosting friends at home to delicious delicacies prepared by a wife.
Not all your maids would remain your servants for ever.

Some of them would finally do part-time studies and learn a trade and get to their God ordained destinations sooner or later.
Like a perfume, good guys perceive well trained wife materials from afar and dump the daughters of the "madam"like hot iron. Long time happiness is at stake. No explanation is given. Sometimes, the sack message is made through a social medium.
Let your daughters learn what you teach your maids to make them compete for the few available good men if marriage is important to them. There are few guys who believe that marriage is for better for worse.

Don't be deceived; love is an active verb. Yes it is. You love; you loved; and you used to love. You can also hate who you used to love. Therefore, some men are immune to pre-marital love blindness.
In practice, love can't cover the stench of bad early formation of our daughters.
Right now, educated former maids are now cornering better men on offer because they possess the requisite or set skills the highly perceptible and ready husband materials need.

Mothers  and intending mothers please take note.


  1. I hope the others hear and train their dauhters accordinly

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