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Most often, some persons tend to assume and fantacize about a farytale story or a telemundo series, that it usually takes a significant pinch to bring them back to reality.

Even when the handiwriting is glaring and striaght forward, their sense of reasonining automatically stoped functioming concerning matters of the heart. Well, i wont totally lay a blame here, because i have been there but i would give some hint to know when someone is not into you.

That you accepted his friend's request or accept to go on a date with him/her, does not mean he/she is in love or that you are in a relationship. There is a difference between dating and being in a relationship. I hope we dont overrate the former.
Here is how to tell when a guy is not into you.

He stops the frequent calls 
This is usually the first sign they put up. He calls you 24/7 before but suddenlly blame his lack of communication on work and other engagement, my dear you may have to read in between the lines.
He is obviously passing a message that you are failing to get.

He stops discussing his future plans with you. 
A guy that tells you his every moves including his future plans, suddenlly stops all of these with or without a cogent reason. He maybe passing a message that he expects you to understand. It simply means you are not part of his feature. Please if you are already at this point, just leave dont force it.

He doesnt introduce you to his friends 
He always wave an introduction whenever he is with his friends. Sometimes he introduce you as just "a friend". This is a very obvious sign that he is not into you.

He cheats 
I dont get it when some guys flaunt their relationships/affairs openly and you still think its normal that all men cheat right? Listen a guy that cares about you, will never rub his relationships on your face. He would try as much as possible to conceal it from you. So, if it is anything short of the above, he probably wants you to know that he isnt into you. Stop playing with your emotions and enduring the turture. If he isnt into you, there is no other option than to quietly move on.

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  1. I guess the same can be reversed for guys too. Being in an unhealthy relationship is not worth the hassle really. Best for each party to be upfront about their feelings and intentions from the start. Thanks for sharing and greetings!


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