Sunday, 25 June 2017


Read this interesting and annoying mail from couple who got married yesterday.
What message are these ones passing to the unmarried?

From the wife 
i just got married yesterday.
The wedding was a success, lots of crowd and well wishers .
When everybody left and we got home,we took our bath and went to sleep,we did not even have sex because of how tired we where. So my husband woke me up by 3am in the morning to go and cook for him, I told him to please drink tea because the whole house was still up side down, he insisted, so I told him to eat cake and hold his tummy  till later when I have gotten myself, he said no. So I got up and went to the kitchen, found cooked rice from our wedding and started warming it, after that I served him, but he refused to eat it, he insisted on swallow, I must make soup that morning , since everything I needed was in the house, I got so upset, like why do you want to punish me, he kept quite, so I just went to the sitting room to sleep , this man came to the sitting room and started beating me, first I taught it was a dream, when the slap landed on my head, until he kicked me that was when I knew it was real life, he started beating me and pushing me to the kitchen , dragged me to the kitchen and put on the gas for me to start cooking . I was just crying because I can't believe it was my husband I just got married to . I refused to cook any food, then he continued hitting me so hard, out of self defense I threw a plate at him that cut his fore head before neighbors came knocking . At this point I had to leave the house to a near by hotel to sleep. That is how I decided to write to Bom . Will it be too early to divorce this man? Since we have not started life together yet, no memories or kids. To those who will ask if he has done this before, no he has  never hit me before . I can't even cry, I am just. Laughing like a mad person . I said we just got married yesterday . What a shame .

From the husband 
I have been following this platform even before I got married, I just got married yesterday and I hit a woman for the first time,my wife. I don't know what came into me this morning and I over reacted. I was very upset in church during our wedding when she  refused kneeling down to serve me cake, when it was time to feed the husband , the MC had to say it 4 times before she reluctantly bent down to give me the cake without kneeling. Normally she was also suppose to give me the wine to drink and clean my mouth, but she did not, she gave me the glass to drink by myself. I could see everybody nodding heads in the crowd, even my best man joked about it and said I married a man like me, even the comedian who came used it as a joke but it was not funny to me, she gave a wrong impression to the public to take home . After the wedding she refused me to carry her to snap picture just like a bride. Then her mum gave  her the remaining meat we used for the wedding and asked her to use it cook for me today, her answer was what got me upset , she said and I quote ( cook for who, mum this meat will spoil o,I will not cook for anybody, I am going home to sleep). I said nothing but it registered in my brain that was why I did not touch her that night because I was so upset . So I woke her up by 3am to cook for me, she refused and asked me to drink tea, I refused and asked her to go cook, she went to warm spoilt rice for me,which I told her that I wanted to eat swallow but she ignored me and went back to sleep, that was how I got upset and started beating her . She left our home to where I don't know now and her phones are switched off. I know you ladies will insult me but she insulted my ego from our wedding day . I know I messed up hitting her but I don't regret it because I can't sell my birth right to her , she is my wife and should submit to me . What do I do? Go apologize to her, or take this to our families to help us solve , but just hours after our wedding ? It is disgusting to hear .

Source: @breake_or_makeup

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  1. their cup of tea sha,I refuse to believe the story sha


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