Thursday, 11 May 2017


A friend sent me the above picture sometime ago on watsappp. Even though the pic looks funny to me, it conveys a message as well or so i thought.

I mean isn't the woman in the above and picture below the perfect woman every man seek for?
She is beautiful, strong, intelligent and supportive. She is respectful, sexy, obedient, cheerful and full of life.
She never raises her voice nor disrespect her "head"{husband}. She drops her earnings at her husband's feet; every single penny she earns from her petty trading. She never  argues nor questions her his movement.
She makes sure dinner is served by 6 and get the kids ready for bed by 8pm and after putting the kids to bed, she tends to her husband's sexual craving. Her perfection is 99.9%.

Her scars and bruises are covered with the best of foundation ever produced by Tara.
So she is the perfect wife material in 1000 yards that only the "very perfect man" seek for and one the already married man wished he had.
The one who is "TOTALLY" submissive. The one whose voice is heard only when her husband speaks.
She dare not grow fat nor have a bulging stomach as a result of child birth. Her shape must constantly be in competition with the Kardashian's ladies. Yes she shouldn't have even the slightest stretch mark nor show any sign of aging because her man love to see her slay 100%.
Her sex game must be lit like a porn star cos her man loves "varieties".
She must not speak up for her sister or a fellow woman so she won't be termed a "feminist".
She does the laundry, shopping and the general house keeping chores.

This" woman" is the description of perfection many seek for. She is suppose to act like the woman up⬆there cos she has been paid for. She is supposed to lose her identity and voice because she has been "bought".

This woman is the perfect woman. 

Thanks to everyone that shares my post pleaseeeeee keep sharing. Muaaaaah 


  1. This woman does not exist jare. Funny how some men want a machine as a wife. This writeup is very deep. Always giving us a food for thought. I love this blog walai.

  2. people always expect the unexpected from women

  3. This is a nice piece. But how possible to get a lady who bears all the description you listed on her as a cloth.
    An understanding woman expects an understanding man. A man who do not have rules that are not flexible.
    His rules are not to the detriment of his wife or the entire household.
    He is responsible and proactive. He is considerate and caring!
    He is the perfect man.


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