Monday, 8 May 2017


The earlier we acknowledge that old age is a blessing and not a curse, the better it will be for the younger generation.

Sometime ago, i came across an old woman who seems totally engrossed in a world of her own. I watched her muttering toherself, shelling the melon seeds in a tray on her laps, occasionally chasing away stubborn flies with a broom beside her.
I couldn't help thinking she was lonely, so i decided to keep her company, because i was actually feeling bored at home myself; and with no important thing to do to amuse myself than to go perambulating somewhere in Nigeria 😂.

Though a total stranger, i had no difficulty in gaining the trust of the old woman as we talked about many things; nay as i listened to her nostalgic tales of events in the past, I couldn't help thinking that she would have preferred life in the past to the multifaceted problems of the world today.

Please, if you have old people you can relate with, try and visit them whenever it's convenient and, i bet you, you will never regret it. You have no idea how lonely they are...and any kind word from you would help reconcile their senile minds.

Even though i was not prepared for the visit to the old woman in a village somewhere in Nigeria, i am happy to say that it was not a waste of time. May God bless our old mothers and fathers, and may their longevity be our portion in Jesus' name. Amen.
When was the last time you visited an old person?

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  1. Wow! A very interesting and thought provoking article. Thanks a lot for your insightful articles that differentiates your blog from the others. I always learn one or two things whenever I visit your blog.

    1. I have learnt a lot too on this blog

  2. The matter of associating with older people is a very crucial one. I think youths or younger people in general these days never think of associating with older people because they don't wish to be told 'how they aught to live their lives', but they forget that older people only give direction that helps in making right decisions!
    This was a nice read!

  3. I am so guilty of not visiting old people especially my grannies. Will turn a new leave ASAP. Thanks for this reminder.


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