Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I tried to pretend like everything is normal, i try to laugh like there's no burden in my heart  but alas things are not going to be normal with us again not because i don't want to, but because nature says so.
I look forward to each new day hoping for a miracle, hoping that i could turn back the hands of time but again nature rules over my will.

I am forced to swallow this bitter pill. It hurts so much though but nature again, cannot be controlled by human.
Oh how i laughed and giggled thinking this would last forever, how i tot that my imperfections will not be used against me, how i admire the woman that i have become but like they say, the will of God superceeds human.

Who do i confide in now, who do i run to when my heart is heavy? Why has nature taken away my safe haven and made it too hot for comfort? Why am i so unlucky, why do i not learn the art of pretending in this pretentious world?

Yes, i will stay calm and heal in my own way. I would sing, dance, play and laugh like i have no worries because that is the world we live in "a world of pretence". Then, i suddenly felt the rays of sunshine on my face. I heard the bird singing and the voice of little children reciting nursery rhymes just when i thought it's all gone. Oh dear it's been a DREAM. Who can cheat nature and BTW how do broken hearts heal?

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  1. I almost collapsed while reading this hmmmmm (breaths down) thank God for the last paragraph

  2. time they say heals all wound


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