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Dating in itself is fun but dating a wrong girl is the most scary nightmare so far. Did I just say nightmare?
Now, that is an understatement. It is like having a banging headache that makes you really feel uncomfortable. If you are a guy, and you probably have dated a woman that you later felt was a complete waste of time. Be comforted. You are not alone.

This is why I have checked out seven major types of women that keep making dating miserable for some guys.

1. The self -centered girl: 
A relationship is the product of two people taking care of each other’s needs. However, the self centred girl is focused on herself. When you are together, the only issue that excites her is about herself. She does not care to ask how things have been with you. You could be going through a difficult situation and she doesn’t observe to know! It can be very frustrating because you know you are not getting one tenth of what you are putting into the relationship. Let me tell you how that kind of relationship will end: if you try to endure the relationship for a while, you will get hurt repeatedly till you start to resent her. Before you know it, it will develop to very strong dislike for her. And that will wrap up whatever is between the two of you.

2. The insecure girl: 
Researchers have not yet found out why people get so insecure. But with this girl, prepare your list of explanations in advance. You have to explain to her why the course mate you greeted was smiling. You have to explain why you checked your phone twice in the last one hour. If she is with your phone, you have to explain why you sent a message with an emoji. My brother, even security cameras cannot monitor your life the way she would. Not even the angels can do a thorough job of recording your every act like her.

3. The verbal girl: 
She is often nice and pretty. But there is one big problem that she has: her mouth. When she wants, she can pamper you till you reach the clouds and see heaven’s gates. But once she gets angry, her words flow like corrosive acid. It burns every morale and confidence you can ever muster. And watch it; she may not do this to you immediately. Rather, she may start with those around you. But my friend, everything is turn by turn. Hand will soon reach you too. 😂

4. High maintenance girl: 
The kind of mindset this type of girl has. Is that, she believes that she is your prize and you should feel lucky to have her. So, once you start dating, you are responsible for her and her generational needs.
The money you will spend on her for six months is enough to erect a house to lintel level. In fact, she may probably ask you for monthly salary too. Are you surprised? Don’t be. These are clearly evil days. 

5. The lying girl: 
She might have a degree from school, but she has one degree you are not aware of: BLL. It means Bachelor of Lie-Lie. She lies almost over everything. Satan, the liar, is not even worthy to do IT under her. Hardly can you ever catch her lying because she is just good at what she does. But if you ever succeed and catch her lying. Forget it man; it’s a waste of time. Even her excuse and explanations will still be lies. Have you ever been in such a relationship with one? It is a really terrible experience.

6. The indecisive girl:
She is one leg in and one leg out. You are dating her but you are not sure you are dating her. Whenever you try to discuss about the two of you, she says she is not ready, but she wants dividends of a relationship. She wants you to share her emotional load with you and even expect you to assist financially. She says you are the most special guy she knows but at the same time won’t accept that you are her boyfriend. She clearly is using you to wait for someone better. But, if this is happening to you and you are still hoping for an opportunity, April 1st will not be enough to celebrate you. Hahaha

7. The wanna be bride:
This kind of girl seems pleasant at first. The problem starts when she starts scheming to get married to you at all cost. She keeps bringing up fantasies of when the two of you will be married when the relationship is just three weeks old! You will think it is only older ladies that do this, but even girls of 21-22 are increasingly entering this stage. If you don’t want the accompanying frustration, you know what to do.

You probably have met some women with peculiar issues or you are friends with girls that have this traits. Spill let's talk about it the part two of this post will come soon and that is on the guys. "winks"
Slide into my comment section let's flow.


  1. I can identify with Number Two because I was actually married to such a woman, not even courtship. Though we parted ways last year, she turned to Number Five and I needed no prophet to let know when to let go and stop trying to make things work. Quite a pity why some girls would choose to destroy their homes over flimsy excuses and ill advice. Maybe, Gloria, I will send you the full story when I am ready. Yes, you guessed right...that's me.

    1. Awwwwh it's so sad that people can change totally from who they originally are. Sorry if my post brought back unpleasant memories and please feel free to talk or send me your story when you are indeed ready. Thanks for visiting my blog it's an honor.

  2. One or more of these traits is common among our girls today. May God direct genuine bachelor to genuine spinster. Aminnnnnn.
    Maam am loving your blog

    1. Hmmmm a blog addict? Never knew someone was addicted to this blog. Thanks for always visiting please don't relent. Love you bunch.

  3. I don't know why the title of this post made me lol.
    But your analysis is correct. These are traits that could put fellow ladies or a man off. Trait number 3 is so rampant. May our speech be always seasoned with salt.

    1. Yayyyy see who came visiting. Thanks Pro precious i am humbled.

  4. Nice piece Gloria, an eye opener to young guys. Myself included.

    Thumbs up!

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