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May I start by saying love is beautiful, and one of the best things a man can ever experience in his life time is falling in love but with the right person.
Would you permit me to say that the basis for wanting to quit being single is because you have found someone you think you love.
Yes, I said "think" because that's what it is, you will get to know if you are really in love as time goes on in the relationship.

Deciding to quit being single is a  very sensitive issue that you need to think well of before arriving at a conclusion.

Maybe you have been eyeing a lady and deep down within you, you see her fitting your missing rib or a guy has been asking your hand in marriage and you are yet to give a reply, I believe by the end of this exposition, you will be sure which way to go.

You might be getting old as a lady, but would you be patient rather than get into a marriage you will end up regretting?

To catch this very well, I will like to take you  on a journey with me to the beginning when God created the world. Adam who happened to be the first man was created for a purpose which was to oversee the other creations.

He was going about this duty when God saw that the needed an helper. Now for guys, let's pick these facts;

• Adam already identified what he was created to do

• He already Had something doing and

• He has started working on the purpose of his existence.

Everybody has been created with a purpose and that includes you, you have an assignment to carry out on planet earth and for you to effectively execute it, it must be discovered and worked upon when you are single.

As a guy, just like Adam, you where created to meet a need and this must be discovered and worked upon while you are single. Adam had worked on his purpose to some extent before God could recommend an helper for him.

So ask yourself, what have been working on that you need an helper/a wife for ?

For ladies,Eve was created to be an helper and had to first of all throw Adam into a deep sleep for her to be worked on. For the bible to say "deep sleep" that means God took time to make her so she can meet the need of being an helper.

So the question is, have you been made, what do you have to help your husband with. How can you help his purpose.  what have you acquired that will be of help to his assignment in life.

You see its not just about jumping into marriage, I will be publishing a post soonest on " Becoming More Than A Wife/Mother " for ladies.

Before God could give Eve to Adam, the bible says God Said " it is not good for Adam to be alone "

Has God said it is not good enough for you to be alone?

This is why we have failing marriages, people jump into marriages immature and so unable to handle problems.

There are lots of things to exploit when you are single, then by the time you marry, though there will be some challenges but I bet you, there will be a huge difference between you and those who jumped into it.

Being single is sweet but being in marriage is sweeter. Though I am single but I guarantee you. Just do the right thing at the right time in the right way.

Thanks to blog admin Gloria Okaiman for giving me an opportunity to reach out to you.

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Kayode Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel

He is a passionate writer, a blogger and a motivator who seeks every opportunity to reach out to people so as to inspire them for better things.

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