Monday, 3 April 2017


Hey guys, how are we doing? Now, am sure we have all settled in fully into the month of April? So who still believed in April fool prank, who got pranked?

Now, am sure some of us have watched the trending video at the moment of my dear Daddy G. O where he made the above👆 statement?

Before you term me a "black sheep", i am one of the biggest fan of daddy G.O but i guess am not mandated to believe every statement he makes.
Many of you will say that's not how he meant it. Believe me i would have agreed too if daddy hasn't said "quote me" at the end of the statement.

In as much as am not an advocate of social media romance, because of the influx of people with bad intentions these days, i have also seen countless social media relationship turned marriage that have stood the test of time and are still standing.

Daddy this is the 21st century where you can birth your child on live television 😁.
Just like every other thing, social media have its advantages and disadvantages. A wise person knows where to draw the line.
You meet friends through social media and it's up to you to take it(the friendship) to the next level.

Churches, mosques, clubs, weddings, market place or anywhere isn't a guarantee for a long lasting marriage.
So many great things have come out of social media including great marriages.
I personally will not discouraged a union established from facebook or any other social media platform.

There are some members seated in the crowd in various churches that were won through social media. Messages preached in churches these days are downloaded in the church various sites online.

Members of same church who have never met themselves probably due to the church's population meet on some of these social media platforms some created and operated by these churches.

Marriages that will break will break whether they be found on facebook or not.
You will also agree with me that a lot of marriages have been saved from crashing through social media as well or what do you think?

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  1. Nice one gloria. Where you meet is not what realy matters as far as its the mr/miss right.

    Kayode of


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