Monday, 10 April 2017


I think i am the only Nigerian who wasn't glued to their TV to watch #bbnaija lolz. I hardly have time to watch a movie to the end talk less of being glued to my TV watching a reality show, the thoughts of it even makes me shiver.

Now this is not to say that those who watch are less of me, but just to state how lazy i am when it comes to anything outside writing or social media. It's safe to say that am one of those people  social media "haff spoil finish".

Talking about social media, online blogs like @stories_riddlesnaija did Justice to every important/significant scene in the bbnaija house that those of us who don't watch are the loudest when the issue of bbnaija is raised lolz 😀.
So far, i have been able to learn some lessons from this greatly criticized yet loved reality show and in this post i would be listing some of those lessons.

(1) Do not lie to fit in. 

You know what they say about first impression right? Please when ever you have the opportunity to be in the midst of a large number of people, do not lie about yourself. Allow people accept you for who you are. Do not lie to be accepted cos the moment your true identify is revealed the love you think they have for you, instantly transformed to hatred.

(2) Be proud of your root. 

What's there to be ashamed about that you come from the ghetto? Let people know that your destiny isn't tied to your root rather your root is a stepping stone in discovery your purpose. Be bold, be proud and be happy about your root. People appreciate originality more.

(3) Be calculative. 

No; opportunities do not come once. Opportunities come everyday but only the calculated recognizes and utilizes them.
As a woman biko stop forming boss and stop being manly cry when you should and laugh when you should.

(4) Do not pretend. 

Now this is so important. Be yourself and stop trying to be a man pleaser. People may not accept who you are initially, but trust me they would finally do.
Don't allow pressure from others make you lose your originality. We are humans with different blood types flowing in our veins so don't expect everyone to behave the same way and don't also expect everyone to accept you the way you are.
People's needs are insatiable so careless about trying to fit in and care more about being "you".
No matter who you are, you still have thousands and millions of people who are crazy about you.

(5) Develop yourself 

We are all born with a talent or more. Identify that talent and develop it. No one human is born empty.  No, not one.
You never can tell where that talent will speak for you.

(6) Don't give up 

So many contestants in the bbnaija house, have taken part in various competitions before now, but they didn't succeed and their names not heard but that didn't deter them from trying again.
Whatever you are doing and you feel it's not yielding results, don't get discouraged. However, change your game if you need to, change your approach if you need to but don't change your determination.

Did you learn any lesson from BBN?  Please share with us.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading my sist. This means a lot to me.

  2. You are right. Lol. Thanks for this. I enjoyed reading.

    1. Awwwwh my boss was here. Thanks Mami i appreciate your visit

  3. Wow! I've equally learnt a lot. Thanks, Gloria...and sorry for my long absence.

  4. Thanks presido. Glad you are here now.

  5. Nicely covered post! Your site is nice, if time allows do visit my little blog:

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah ofcourse i would check out your blog.

  6. True talk. D most annoying was that oyibo who said she can spend 25million in one week

  7. Lolz 😀 thanks for visiting Charles.

  8. This is true.nice one gloria

  9. Thanks for the lessons you've carved out from the BB program. Nice one!

  10. Whooa! Tons of info shared here. Well I didn't take much interest in Bbnaija but I give them a 'weldone'all the way.

    Thanks for keeping your readers updated.

    Would check here lera.

  11. You're not the only one who wasn't glued, me self but i enjoy the uproar and attention it gained online..
    I love lesson No #1 and the other lessons are superb too

  12. Wow Gloria this is absolutely beautiful.

    Though I didn't watch this program but from your experience this was awesome checking your blog more

  13. Very correct..i was not a fan of the programm but those lessons are needed in our daily interactions However,i think you omitted this point-Value Relationships:i noticed after the hype that went with the program fizzled out..Efe and Bisola were still had that close-like relationship despite who the winner is/was.Thank you


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