Friday, 7 April 2017


So there was this video trending online yesterday of Tboss whose real name is Tokunbo Idowu, where she was asked to recite the Nigeria National Anthem but she couldn't. Hmmmmm*clears throat *.

I have never watched #bbnaija on television except from the clips i watch mostly on instagram blogs and trust me those blogs have done Justice and given people like me a sense of belonging 😂.
One of those blog is Stories_riddlesnaija please do well to follow them on the gram.
So having put one + one together, i came out with some likely reasons why Tboss could not recite the Nigeria National Anthem correctly.

(1) She didn't expect the question. 

Have you been thrown off guard by some unexpected questions before and you probably forget what to say? Then that could be exactly what happened to Tboss. You know that kind of random question that can disgrace somebody.

(2) she forgot the lines

Hehehe.. ok from the video clips i watched, she actually attempted but probably the diesel in the generator got finished and she was left stranded in the middle of nowhere. I actually learnt it again yesterday lemme not lie. Because after seeing that video and i attempted to recite it, i realized i began to stutter after about five lines.. Hehehe can someone not forget something in peace again?

(3) she may not have had her primary education in naija. 

You see, i learnt that the babe is an halfcast (half Romanian and half Nigerian). There's every tendency that she has never had the privilege bona-fide Nigerian like me who schooled from the scratch here in naija had.
You see, if you attended public schools i did, you would understand why i called it a privilege.
 But seriously, if she had gotten it right, she would have had an ambassadorial appointment waiting for her after #bbnaija.

So do you think Tboss messed up?  Oyah talk your own.

All my blog neighbors, long time no see. How market? To those who have visited countless to read something new but ended up being disappointed, i am sincerely sorry i promised to be more consistent henceforth.
I miss my blog and i miss you too yes you 



  1. My dear am not judging her atal.. i can happen to anyone... she might know how to yea but something you've left as far back as high school and there are no occassion for you to sing it..
    Welcome back GloGlo darlin

    Glowyshoes's blog

    1. Yay no one should. I had to go get the lines right myself after that incidences. Thanks sweetie I miss you

  2. Welcome back Gloria!
    I think the question just caught her off-guard which is something that can happen to anyone of us.

    1. My engineer yeah like i stated in my post she didn't expect the question cos i learnt they all later sang it together and she sang well..

      Boss thanks for stopping by.

  3. i dont like her attitude whether she knows how to sing or not!


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