Friday, 14 April 2017


I walked into GTB and took 8 deposit slips
looked at the counter, to see which
customer service staff had the best pen.
I finally sighted one staff with a BEAUTIFUL GTB CUSTOMIZED free pen in front of him. He wasn't using it so i asked to borrow it and with a customer friendly smile, he willing nodded his head in approval that i should use it.

After collecting the pen, i sat down closest to the AC to feel and receive enough cool breeze while i pretended to be filling my tellers.

After 2hours of wasting all 8 tellers and have received enough of cool AC breeze, i decided it was time to leave as my mission was almost completed cos i was going to leave without returning the pen.

At the door , i asked the security where the trash box is, he showed me. I broke the pen and tore all the 8 deposit slips and dumped them in the trash can then whisper to the security man that, "that was PAYBACK for the 265naira 'service fee' you guys deducted from my account this month for no reason".

Chey they thought they can steal from me and go free? MTN and FIRST BANK you're next, be prepared!

Lolz😀😀😀😀 it's few days to Easter be happy and laugh some more.  ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜
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  1. Lol, gloria this isn real payback.maybe I will go and do mine.

  2. LMAO... it's really a payback time


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