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I recently announced in a group i belonged to that i am going to be giving assistance to newbies interested in blogging to set up their blogs. I got a lot of requests, mails of enquiries from intending bloggers. Topping the long list of enquiries is, how much will i be making?, how soon can i start making money?, i want to be like Linda Ikeji?, and the list goes on and on.

Dear newbie bloggers, blogging isn't magic, it isn't a job for lazy people. Blogging, like every other venture requires time, dedicated and commitment.

In this post, i will be talking about some of the misconceptions people have about blogging.


Like many think, blogging isn't for a lazy person. Notwithstanding the niche you are into, it requires your time and your intellectual capacity.  You will need to do research and also surf the Internet tirelessly looking for meaningful content for your readers. At this junction, you will agree with me that a lazy person has no future in this field.


Now, when i say do not be all about the comments and page views, i mean that you shouldn't let that be your primary concern, instead, you should be concerned about your content and consistency in the first few months. Increased page view is good, reading feedbacks from your readers, trust me is one of the high point of every blogger but i can assure you that it takes your content to keep bringing your readers back to your blog and prompt them to drop comments on your post.
If you are a newbie blogger and your are reading this, please don't be discouraged about your page views or feedbacks but rather build a level of trust with your blog visitors. Let your readers trust you that when they visit your blog they would find something informative to read.


Yes give your blog time. Blogging is not blood money neither is it magical. It needs time to grow.
The established blogs you are seeing today, have been around for awhile and have paid their dues. Some of these blogs didn't get recognitions until a year or more after its existence.
Be patience with your blog and  do not get carried away by the success of other bloggers.

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  1. This is a nice one gloria. Pg views and traffic can be discouraging in most cases but in the early months of blogging and even althrough, your concern should be how to meet the Need in that Niche you are.
    If you do relationship, your concern should be how do I tackle relationship issues for people. When you do this steady, sooner or latter people will start strolling in from God knows where.

    One other misconception is that bloggers want to do all niche to get attention. You sometimes see a blogger do relationship,entertainment,health,busineass,career,sport and tech all in one blog. Hell No! That is too much. I believe bloggers are writters and passionate people. You can jut do 2 or 3 things that are related,it might even be one. So that when people want to read health article,they kNow where to go, not thay they will even be confused about what you do.

    I do motivation,business,relationship and stories @

    1. Awwwwh this can pass for a post already. Thanks for your contribution.

  2. Well done for reaching out a helping hand to new bloggers. I found this post useful and I think they will too.
    One misconception is that there blogging world has reached its full capacity. Yes, I agree that there are many voices out there, but if you stay true to your niche, your tone of voice and respect your readers, you will be able to build a following.

    1. Staying true to your niche n your tone of voice will eventually attract your own readers. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Lol..the newbies see blogging as a wuick money making venture... my dear even till a year or more, you might not really get increase in page view.. persistence is the 🔑.. stick to a niche and do it well, Gloglo shey am still a newbie nau..

    Glowyshoes's blog

    1. Persistence yes. Glowy you newbie? Be laughing at me na.😀😀😀

  4. Most people use to judge a blog by its comments rate but it ain't quite so although its part of the factor.
    Like a post can get 5000 views with just 4 comments while another one might get 200views with 20comments
    Someone once told me that he wanted to setup a blog and i asked "What niche do you want to be posting on"
    His reply was "I just wanted to be famous"

    1. Lol at "i just want to be famous". True word comment rate don't quite give a true reflection of a blog PV hence i mentioned that a newbie blogger shouldn't be discouraged or carried away by that. I presently know a blog with a very good PV but no comments on its post.

  5. i agree with point1,blogging is not for lazy people,if it is,we will be seeing more of .....

  6. The golden rule for success is 3P.."Profit Precedes Passion" it lies in doing what you love and being passionate about what you love then the profit in turn follows.A mlot of bloggers just aim for the money and fail to discover where their passion lies.ask newbies-what is that subject that you will always keep writing about if you are not paid?...and they usually give that 'eye-brow look' as they walk away.


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