Thursday, 9 March 2017


So this video of Tonto Dikeh’s interview with Media Hub Magazine has been trending on all the social media platforms. Though, many thinks she shouldn't have come out openly to talk about her failed marriage, but i think it's the best thing to do.
Many thanks to Toke Makinwa who had not only talked about her failed marriage but also went ahead writing a book on it.
Like TD and TM, who by the way share a lot in common, (They are both celebrities, both are light skinned, both have the same first and second letters of their first name, both have been in and out of marriage) 
many other women are going through both domestic and emotional violence in their homes.

Many are living in fear when they are supposed to be living in love. Many are scared to speak out so they won't be tagged a impatience, failure and so many unprintable names attached to a woman whose marriage did not work.

Women, it's not healthy to stay in an abusive marriage, it's not okay to continue to suffer in silence, it's not okay to be used as a punching bag, it's not okay to be treated like a slave. No it is not.

Now, as a woman, you know the limit you can go, you know how much you can endure, you know when you have reached that limit and you know when leaving is the only option.

Your kids, deserved to be raised in a healthy environment, they deserved to be raised in a place where love is paramount.
The day a man raises his hand on a woman, he lost the right to be called her head. Because, the head is meant to cover. The mentality that it's a man's world have done more harm than good to the society. Where even your parents tells you to keep mute and smile even if you are hurting, where the man can get away with any atrocity and the woman would still be made to beg.
Please stop thinking the women who are speaking out now, are looking for pity. How can a woman keep submitting to her abuser?

How can a woman keeps submitting to a partner who has never seen anything good in her? How can a woman keep submitting to a man who is angry at her success? It's impossible and unnatural.

Women it's time to speak out, it's time to pick your self-worth and live like the queen you were meant to be. It's time to live a life of peace, happiness, joy and fulfillment.

Btw Barr Bola of Bmf blog you are a darling. Thanks for always checking up on me and for your kind words. Talk of women supporting women. Love you girl and wish you the very best.


  1. Seems it is a season of video making in Nigeria. If your marriage is not working, you make a video. In all these I still ask, 'On whose report do we believe?'

    Welcome back!


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