Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I wonder why some ladies do this. That your ex got married to another lady while you are still single doesn't mean you can't find "your man, neither does it implies that you are not good enough. It only means that the best gave way for the better to come.
Coming to social media to insult him when both of you are no longer dating is just pointless. Maybe it's even your disgusting character that made him not to marry you and went for someone else who maybe lesser in beauty, education and finance but of a good character.

I had an ex who got married long before me. Did i feel bad? Hell no! why should i? When i knew i was on the right track.
Stalking your ex makes you feel worthless please stop it and focus on being your best.

Do you know, that same ex has sent me countless friend request on my social media account(which i ignore ofcourse) and only recently he followed me on instagram?.  This is so because i left where he left me(moved on) and totally ignored him and move on while also improving on myself.


  1. I used to that shit before but now ,old things have passed away! then someone will think the whole world has crashed and that you cant find a loving person like your ex..oh my days,i wish i know better then.lmao

  2. This is so true. No one should dwell in the past. Move on to new things!


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