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Got this from NSG blog. Learnt she is a very nice girl and from the discussion in the comment section, i am more convinced. Please let's not allow her happiness, her dreams die. Read below 
I posted this earlier but most people didn’t know our Thosyne who comments actively was the subject so I thought we should make another post.
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Hi everyone, i’m known as Tosin but I comment here on NSG’s blog as Thosyne..
I have always been a carefree,agile & hardworking young woman not until December 2014,I was a ND mass comm student at yabatech & was working so I felt me feeling feverish was symptoms of malaria or stress till i fainted & was hospitalised,I was later diagnosed with food contamination & I gradually had jaundice which led to me being anaemic, the shortage of blood triggered the leg crises & the hospital thinking I’m of AS Genotype(even after three tests at reputable labs) felt it would get better after the blood transfusions but it got worse,i was in constant pain,I had to move to a federal orthopedic hospital where I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis,was discovered to be of SCD genotype…
i was placed on crutches & painkillers, though i try walking without crutches I limp badly & in pains hence the move to get total hip replacements of both hips…
I’m pleading with anyone & everyone to please kindly donate & share no matter how small..I also need Nigerians from all over the world to please help share my gofundme link,i really need the foreign presence so as to get funds on time..
i say a huge thank you to the few who has donated,God bless you all…
GTbank Acct:0018586265 osifodunrin tosin
No amount is too small to assist in putting her out of this pain please. I know we all have our own personal issues but even if you are unable to assist financially due to or reason or the other, the least you can do is say a prayer and share this post.
God bless you all and may whatever you donate return to you in ten folds.

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