Thursday, 5 January 2017


Being in a recession does not mean you cannot still flex and maintain a Sidechick. No, all you have to do is adjust your books to favour your pocket. That’s the mistake most men make in the game. So without further ado, here are my top 10 best ways of maintaining a Sidechick on budget in this recessive period. Enjoy. .
1) Give her a budget accordingly to what you can afford. Once exceeds, that’s her own buisness. .
2) In relation to my first point, it’s best if you open an account for her and pay money into. Once she exhausts the funds then she’s on her own. .
3) Give her money to go to the market and make a proper meal rather than taking her out. It’s less time consuming and cost effective, plus chances of you getting caught narrow down to 37%. .
4) Buy her one expensive gift and tell her it’s because you care about her. Meanwhile that gift your buying serves as “insurance” in case you forget her Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day gift. .
5) Always wear a condom because she may intentionally want you to get her pregnant so she can demand more stuff.
6) Know when she last paid her house rent, i.e collect a copy receipts, agreement papers, tenament payment plans etc so she doesn’t come up with the usual,”Baby, my house rent will soon expire” story. Same applies for school fees and family medical reports. .
7) Never go out ANYWHERE with her and her friends. Make it clear when your taking her out that you only want HER company. .
8) Allow her to receive calls from her other magas as this will cushion expenses on your head. .
9) If she’s going shopping, never excourt her as there is the tendency that she would seduce you to buy more than you can actually afford. .
10) If you are reading this and considering any of these points then you need to change your life for the better….FAST!!


  1. OMG! when i first saw the caption i was like,huh is gloria serious,it was towards the end i became relieved.lolz


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