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Hiya, how are you guys doing, hello lovelies, dear Gfbers, don't even know how to start this post but i just have to start and do the one thing i love the most. Gosh i can't believe i would be struggling with an introductory line after abandoning my space for some time.

Yes abandoned is the word because, i deliberately left it (my blog) for these period. Surprised? please don't be as it wasn't an intentional action it was due to some challenges confronting my glorious destiny.
Being emotionally sick isn't about heartbreaks alone. It's so unfortunate that in this part of the world 🌍, people don't give adequate attention to that type(depression) of illness without likening it to mental disorder.

Being emotional sick in other words is being depressed. When i looked up the word depression in the dictionary, this is what i found:

  1. (psychology) In psychotherapy andpsychiatry, a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future.
    I used to suffer from depression, but now I'm mostly content with my life.
  2. (psychology) In psychotherapy andpsychiatry, a period of unhappinessor low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may includeideation of self-inflicted injury orsuicide.   

It's a psychiatrist doctor 😷 that handles depressed people. but just imagine you saw me in a psychiatric hospital holding my case file, would you still feel free to associate with me like you use to? The obvious answer is NO.
I am someone who gets mood swings often. I can be moody now for no just cause. I didn't know it's something to be given attention to, until it migrated to depression.
Depression is an emotional sickness like i said before πŸ‘†πŸ‘†and it's cure also lies in your emotions. Prayers alone do not cure depression. It may give you a clue as to how to go about it, but it needs your complete readiness to deal with it.
I was depressed without knowing. In case you are wondering what the signs of depression is, here πŸ‘‡are signs that can be associated with depression.

(1) you suddenly lost interest in things that naturally gives you joy.
(2) you are always comtemplating suicide. 
(3) you have mood swings too often
(4) you deliberately isolate yourself
(5) you see nothing good about your life
(6) you tend to blame everyone around you for no just cause.
(7) you are tempted to do drugs
(8) you enjoy inflicting bodily injury on yourself.

If you are experiencing or have at one time experienced some of the above mentioned πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† traits, then you might just be on the stairway to depression. I was experiencing number 2,3&4.
But the good news is that you can come out of it like i did.

Here are steps in coming out of depression without necessarily seeing a consultant.

(1)Realize that you have a problem.
The first approach in dealing with a problem is realizing that there is a problem. Many people go about with 99% traits of an emotional sickness but bluntly refused to admit that they are victims. In this case it isn't a problem shared is half-solved but rather, it is a problem realized is half-solved.

(2) Make efforts to deal with your problem.
After realizing that there is a problem and you still didn't make effort to solve it, makes the knowledge worthless. When i was convinced that i have a problem, i made conscious efforts to tackle it. I stop blaming people for my misfortune and start working on my self esteem.

(3) Be around people that loves you.
No matter how weird you think you are, those that love you only see the great potentials in you.  People that truly loves you do not give up on you. They understand your individuality and offer to assist you in ways that they can.

(4) Engaged  more in things that gives you pleasure.
If going to the movies is something that gives you great joy, please see to it that you do so frequently. Look inward for that one thing that gives you joy and do it. This ritual, helps in facilitating your struggle out of depression.

(5) Accept your individuality.
That you found yourself in this category of persons, doesn't make you a bad person. It doesn't mean you have a spirit husband or wife. It doesn't mean you are possess like many think. It only means that your level of thinking πŸ’­ differs from that of others. It means that your emotional state and theirs isn't the same. Until you know and accept this fact, you may not recover fast.

(6) See the brighter side of life.
The saying that life is beautiful, does not exist in the dictionary of the depressed. They always think that life is not being fair to them. They feel that God has abandoned them and until they see things the other way round, it may be a fruitless efforts in trying to deal with depression. Buy motivationals both books and tapes, listen to good music, listen to testimonies of others etc.. In no time you will start appreciating life again and see how beautiful life really is.

(7)Realize that you have an unfulfilled purpose on earth.
Yes even you have a purpose on earth. God has deposited something in you that "your world" is waiting for. Please do well to admit this fact it would make you want to do everything you can to win this battle.

(8) Spend  more time with God.
You know this is the key πŸ”‘  that can open other doors right? Please meditate on God's word, study and always, always read at least a chapter of the bible daily. Don't think you can win this fight without God's help. No you can't. You need to realize this fact and adopt it. Only then would you walk 🚢 triumphantly out of the state of depression.

I hope this will heal someone out there who may be sick emotionally? Please feel free to share this post it may be the help your friends need.

Do you want to contribute to what i have said so far? Let's do that in the comment section.

PS. I didn't read this from any book it's strictly based on personal experience. Love you all yafuyafu.


  1. i also have been experiencing 1-6 lately,to the extent i bursted in tears lastweek when we finished eating and my hubby was like what did i do ,what happemned to you,i couldnt even say this or this is what happened,i always snap back when i remember that i should be thankful for life and what i have and be hopeful for what to come

    P.s i thought i have missed alot on the blog sha

  2. My dear... There are times i just get tired of everything.. But with concious effort, i snap back to reality and console myself that things will definately get better its only a matter of time.

    Glowyshoes's blog

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  3. Depression can creep up on us anytime. It is a matter of FOCUS - where we focus our minds on - whether on our situation, on ourselves or on God.

    I've learnt to fight depression with the Word Of God.

  4. Depression can creep up on us anytime. It is a matter of FOCUS - where we focus our minds on - whether on our situation, on ourselves or on God.

    I've learnt to fight depression with the Word Of God.


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