Monday, 2 January 2017


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Talk about paying evil with evil lolz.
The difference between forgiving and forgetting is the attitude after forgiveness.

Now, oftentimes, i hear people say i can forgive but i can never forget.
Who gives you the right to hold back, where is the space to keep all of that in your heart, mind or memory?

Imagine twenty (20) persons wronged you every year from 2010 and you keep forgive and not forgetting and you store all of the bad memories in your head. By the end of 2017,you already have 140 offences in your head OMG how in the world can you cope and have space for other positive activities?

Dearies, am i saying you are a super human without feelings who doesn’t have emotions? No, no and no. It's okay to let out your feelings and avoid a reoccurrence of an unpleasant situation but what isn't cool is when you refused to let go, it's when you still hold on strongly to the past hurt.
Okay, we are human and should remember stuffs right?

The difference is when you truly forgive someone, even when you remember the incidence, you don't feel hurt, you don't feel that initial bitterness you felt before you forgave, but if you still feel that you want to pay back what the fellow did to you or you still feel bitter and express so much pain and hatred whenever you remember the incidence, then, you haven't truly forgive.

Forgiveness is easy when you forgive before the incidence. What i mean is, stop expecting too much from people. Know that no one is a super human we all have our shortcomings. Above all, the grace to forgive, comes from above (God) if you are willing.

As we progress into 2017, let's make up our mind to truly forgive and "forget ".

Happy 2017 our year of RESTORATION AND INCREASE. 


  1. I even find it hard to forgive not to talk of forget.May God help me change 2017

    1. Please ask God for grace to be able to forgive. Forgiveness makes you free. It is a healer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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