Monday, 30 January 2017


As the month of January is gradually coming to an end, another area worth talking about is our attitude to God, work and service. No matter your skills or expertise, you cannot do without the help of God. Nothing happens without His approval, irrespective of your contacts or network.

So, to think that you can avoid dedicating your life to Him and still go far in life, is a big lie.
Friends, it is obvious that our world 🌍 is almost becoming spiritually helpless; men are running from pillar to post. I want you to know that God is our only dependable rescue. No matter how hard you try to avoid issues of spirituality, you will always come back to it. This world 🌍 was created by Him and all that it contains. God is too big to require human support, so when you assume a supporters attitude, He may turn His back on you.
If you must enjoy the best of this year, you need to appreciate that the totality of your existence is a product of God's grace. God is not the source of our problems, rather, He is our only dependable solution.

Dear friends, make a commitment to do something with your hands this year. Stop depending on people and waiting for others who are working to give you from what they earn.
Do something with your hands, be productive and make your life count. You must learn to work and not just work to earn. Work is not a curse but a channel of blessing designed by God for our destiny. Your attitude to work, will determine your ultimate worth in life.

With right attitude to God, serving Him and being diligent in what we do, you easily get Him committed to your cause. Remember, divine presence is your greatest asset in the race of life. You need what is more than this world 🌍 to be a voice in this world 🌍.

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  1. Nice post! May God bless the work of our hands

  2. I love this post. We don't just work to earn a living, but to also be a blessing. Nice.

    Heart Rays

  3. My prayer is small work but plenty money


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