Wednesday, 28 December 2016


He is called Chozynboy, a normal guy who isn't gay and who isn't afraid to follow his heart. He fell completely in love with a girl or a lady as the case may be, and decided to put a ring on it. Now, people won't allow them rest. Can one ever be able to please men?  
Does size, color or tribe matters when it comes to matters of the heart? 

Many people have missed it just because they want to be men-pleasers and end up living a life of misery.
The Internet has been agog with different captions/opinions just because an excited young man decided to celebrate one of his happy moments. Please let's learn to respect people's choices. Read 👇👇👇 how the young guy broke the Internet with his proposal speech.. 👇👇👇👇

The excited groom-to-be shared these photos and it's got everyone gushing. Read what he said about his woman:

"#SheSaidYes!! 💍😃 Words can't fully express how much I love you! ❤️ Thank you for your constant love, encouragement, support, motivation, and being my best friend. Thank you for your patience with me and making me feel like the greatest man on earth. You are such an amazing, beautiful, God-fearing woman and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you! ❤️ Special thank you to all who helped make this the best day of our lives! "

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  1. i will say some like it big,some like it small


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