Tuesday, 27 December 2016


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I actually was postponing blogging till 2017 until i came across this article 👇👇👇. This was just what i needed to dust my pan and come back home. Lolz. To say that i am deeply sorry for MIA too often, is an understatement. 

I need you all to please forgive me and don't stop this show of love. You see, this has been a very busy season for me. Much more busy than i anticipated but i know i haven't also managed my spare time well an aspect of my life, i would start working on right away.

I also hope it's not out of place to wish you all a merry christmas? Merry Christmas guys!! May the joy of this season linger on in our lives. 
Please get some inspiration and stop the procrastination the future is now. 
Read 👇👇👇

"You know it was never really like this for me. I'm hoping in this season as much as we giveback, someone can be inspired to start something new, not in the New Year, but now. Don't lie to yourself and miss me with that "oh I'd start this venture in the New Year bit", START NOW. Passport people. Passport photographs. Wait and Get. That's how I began photography, visa passport photographs, 200naira for 4 copies, 500naira for 8 copies. I read Microbiology in school so I clearly wasn't a bird brain but I started something. Don't let what people say to you get to you. 

My colleagues at the time were doing Msc, PhD in Canada, United Kingdom, Ukraine, AkinTayo how far na, wetin you dey do now - Omo na picture I dey snap. Sometimes I would rather not attend a high school reunion or gathering, however I didn't let it bother me. If your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough. I told someone recently I'm going to shoot the American President someday, he laughed and said you never shoot Ambode finish . One day, people who didn't believe in you would tell everyone how they met you .... I crashed weddings. 

Oh my goodness, you know how Lagos is na, once you package, you are 70% on your way. I would drive mumsy car, wear pupsy watch and perfume, carry 2 phones, an IPad and IPod, and a zoom lens and walk in like I'm a high profile guest and begin to practise all I have learnt on YouTube. It bothers me when people don't take initiative to learn or use what they have around them. Before Photography, I had a recording studio, I learnt sound engineering by myself, picked up a camera and learnt by myself, what's your excuse. It's the same slow internet we all have, why am I maximizing mine and you not yours. Don't be scared to fail. 

See when something bad happens, You have 3 choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you. Merry Christmas guys!!! Remember if the Passport Photography guy can end up having 4 International Passports traveling allover the world, then you can... And of course, don't forget the God factor. In Him makes all the difference". 
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