Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Whose sin is this child paying for?

Was i heartbroken when i saw this pic(above), was i surprised, was i ashamed of how naive people still are in this era?

Truth be told, if this is a recent picture like we are made to believe, i was both heartbroken, surprised and ashamed when i saw the havoc done on the innocent face of this adorable baby.
I have marks(not sure if they are tribal though) on my face and still do not understand the "why" behind it though, up till this moment, i have never failed to express my displeasure about them.
Though, they are almost invisible now, but i till grudge each time i remember that i was made to go through such as a toddler.
The picture above have been trending online and i hear the National Assembly has come up with a bill against this beastly act.

However i have some burning questions about this lil baby from the western part of Nigeria (isn't that the essence of the marks, to be easily identified?mitcheeeeew)

*Is the mother of the child still alive?
*did she deliberately consented to this evil?
*whose sin is the child paying for?
*are they aware that this could affect the child's self esteem forever?
*does this baby look more beautiful after the marks?
If the answer to the above questions is NO, then i think before the passage of the bill as proposed by the NA, the parents should be brought to book to pay for causing bodily harm on a child placed under their custody by God.
It's time some laws should be revisited and implemented in this country.

What's your take on this?


  1. Oh that doesn't look good! Plus I'm sure the child will suffer the pain from the wounds for some days. Sad.

  2. Yes, I see this a's an act of wickedness, and the parents or whoever did this, should be brought to book, this will deter others from doing such

  3. Hmmmm. Not funny. Dats wickedness


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