Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Who can relate with Ali Baba?

Somewhere in the world... right now, this is going on and the only thing the guy has passion for is something that can not translate to anything that can benefit both of them.

She is carrying a baby they both likely had together. She is likely carrying a suitcase of the baby's clothes and hers. She is also carrying the lunch or dinner for that day in her right hand and holding her guy on the left. Which should not be.

The reason the man is always on the right is because he is SUPPOSED TO BE, your right hand man. that way, he has his right hand free to protect and provide while holding on to you. Except he is left handed. But never mind. Look at the picture again, looks like the brother has been busy... because she looks like 3 months gone. I know some men will be like, what's wrong with the picture? Nothing. But what WOULD HAVE BEEN WRONG IF UNCLE SAID YOU ARE CARRYING TOO MUCH, let me help with the one on your head? After now he will say she looks old when he has sapped her! but in all, the guy could be a brother and not a bobo.

Then that is the more reason he should carry the one on her head. Don't get me wrong, there are times this can be the story of any of us, but when you have potentials that need to be activated, DO IT IMMEDIATELY, to balance things out. If you are too shy to carry things on your head, carry the one in her right hand and make sure you still hold her hand! Just make sure you carry something other than carrying a club on your head! And walking around feeling blue  

Source:  Ali Baba instagram page

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