Thursday, 17 November 2016

The wise is proactive while the fool is reactive

It's no longer news that a young boy was lynched in Lagos recently because he stole garri while another version had it that he stole a phone and attempted to stab the owner.

Most Nigerians have been criticizing the act, and bla bla bla... Here's what mercyjohnsonokojie said about the barbaric act.

"@mercyjohnsonokojie  -  live so that when ur children think of fairness,caring and integrity,they think of u cus children are the keys of paradise.
how can anyone possibly do this to a child, wherever this happened?
I conderm this cruelty as every child is my child. 

Truth is, these are the same people that will see a beggar on the street and turned the other side, the same people that will not allow a nobody come near or dine with them, the same people that live on banana island and do not care about those in the ghetto.  The same people that will see a plea for help on their dms and ignore yet flaunt their latest wears and rides on social media and go about with fierce looking security personel /bodyguards.

Now, everybody is posting and condemning the act but who would care enough to lend a hand to that boy on the streets had he approached you for food? They will remind how he should work before he eats, how his mates are in school and he on the streets, how he is a pretender and so on and so forth.

Nigerians really need to wake, we need to be more real with ourselves, we need to stop this discrimination and segregation and let love rule, we need to be re-oriented without being religious and sentimental.

Lack is the major reason why people steal especially the young. It may be lack of parental care/support, lack of love/support, lack of food, lack of "government of the people" lack of trust on the "system"etc.

Failure in the security system in the country, on the other hand,  is the major reason why people have resorted to jungle justice. How do you explain a scenario where a notorious criminal was apprehended and handed over to the police and the next couple of days he/she is back on the street walking freely without fear.
We have lost it, we have so many wrongs to right so that the next generation will be proud of this country.

The tweets below(read from bottom to top)  will explain better to you why Nigeria need to be fixed quickly.


  1. May God help this country of ours

  2. This is a dicey topic: but no man has the right to take another man's life..

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  3. he who is without sin should cast the first stone,they put the laws into their hans as if we dont have terrible people among them
    Tho i am not in support of the guys act but who gave the authority to be a judge in this case


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