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So today am bringing us an interview gloriafinesblog had with a foremost and controversial relationship blogger. One who stands for the truth when it comes to issues concerning relationships and as such many have missunderstood her.
The men claimed she is a man-hater and have no consideration for broke ass nigga a phrase allegedly invented by her. I present to you the real Ayo Yinkus the founder of a brainresetting blog.
Read the interview below:

Can we meet you? 
I am Ayoyinka Florence,from osun state but born and bred in Lagos.

What is your early childhood like?

*chuckles* my childhood was like every normal child,i grew up with my mum because dad wasn't always around, he was a military personnel, 

Is Ayo married?
Ayo is not yet married,but she's hoping to be soon.

Ayosblog has suddenly taken over the blogsphere.
Taking over the blogosphere? wow, i didn't know about that anyway.

Can we know what Ayosblog is all about?
Ayosblog is mainly to create love,life and relationship awareness for the masses,it's seeks to educate the readers on the dynamics of a successful life and relationship, also to give the readers BRAINRESTTINGS to prevent dating abuse.
The phrase "broke ass nigga" invented by you, is all about what?
Broke ass nigga was invented by Ayo?? Says who please?!! I didn't invent any word but if people feels like i invented that word,so be it.

It is widely speculated that you advice your female fans not to date a poor guy, can you clarify that statement?
OMG! you see Gloriafines when I give advice on my blog,people tend to misconstrue my advises,like when I just started by blog,so many guys were wailing to the extent that many came to my Facebook inbox to say all sort of words, some said they hate me with passion and when I asked why? All they could say is that i give females more hands than them and I am spoiling their show. One even specifically came to my inbox to tell me to close my Facebook page "straight from the soul with Ayo down and when i asked why,he said he doesn't like the way am creating awareness for the females and prays that some country girls won't see this my page because it will open their eyes...then i began to wonder if men want to enslave women forever or what exactly.

Yes,I tell girls who comes to me for an advice not to date any man who is jobless, and the next thing people say is that Ayo is a man hater! Please how can a girl who is working and earning well be seen with a jobless guy? 
A guy who has refused to work,will kill the woman's world because he has absolutely nothing to offer than his wandering penis,which is nonsense. Any girl that follows a jobless man will lose woefully.

Another controversy surrounding your personality is that you hate men and give your support to women alone.?
This is what i just said up,how can i hate men when I have five lovely brothers?? That's not possible. When people come to my page to read my posts, the next thing they start crusading is that Ayo hates men.,please people should try and read my posts well and understand instead of castigating me.

Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? 
Yes,I was in an abusive relationship which lasted for for four years. 

I almost died in it if not for the grace of His,despite how i gave my all,it still didn't work out and that's what i tell women.....if you like give him your world, everyday food sex styles,all your money,if he doesn't have heaven in his mind as a place he must be,the girl is pouring water in an empty basket because the man will dump her at any slighted opportunity.

And moreover, a woman doesn't need to do anything special to keep a man,the only man that can be kept for you is the man who has decided that he wants to keep himself for you alone, ladies,you don't need to do anything for a man before he will keep himself for you alone.

I read somewhere that you and Amara use to be good friends. Can you tell us what happened?
Please leave amara,i don't know anything about that.

You posted a picture recently and many condemned and said it is a semi nude photo what can you say about indecent dressing?
Don't mind them,they already have rotten things in their mind that's why,go on my Facebook Ayo Yinkus,the picture is still there,check if you see the opening of my lap or breast, even my chest didn't show at all,most of the guys condemning the pix are those guys who have come to my inbox to toast me but i didn't answer them.

Funny thing is that, all of them are my sweetheart, as far as you are a good guy, you are my sweetheart.

Who is your ideal man?
My ideal man is a man that heaven will be his number one priority,
I also love gentle guys. loving and he must not be stingy,then he must be a hero in bed

So where do you see ayosblog in two years time? 
Oh God is charge, in two years time, i will want AYOSBLOG to have given majority of people BRAINRESTTINGS, so that they can enter into a relationship that will lead to marriage and nothing like divorce will be In their dictionary

Any word for your fans?

I love all my fans to the moon and back,especially those who are always standing by me and believing in me to give the best,may God celebrate you all.

Hope you enjoyed the interview with Ayo. We will be doing this always just stay glued. You can connect with Ayo on her Facebook page Ayoyinka Odeyemi

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