Tuesday, 29 November 2016


No matter how beautiful a woman is, if she has no peace, her beauty cannot radiate. It is true that some women enjoy making trouble lolz, but it's also true that some men just don't like peace.

Some men pick on every little thing and turn it into big fight. Where there is no peace however, beauty can not abide. No amount of make up can cover up a troubled mind. Beauty is not about how expensive wear is, it's the reflection of happiness, joy and peaceiradiating in your appearance.
Dress a baboon in the best linen/apparel and adnore him in the best diamond jewellery, it would not change the fact that it is still a baboon.
No matter how well we dress a troubled woman is, her trouble will always overshadow her beauty.

It does not matter how beautiful a house looks, if there's no peace in the house, its dwellers are better of on the street. The greatest gift you can give to yourself, is peace...

You cannot build an empire without peace in the country, for where there is war, progress will be hindered. No one can build a happy home or live a happy life without peace.

There's clear distinction between a troubled soul and a peaceful soul.
Don’t wish your grass is greener, make it so, don't wish your spouse is as beautiful as the other person's, pay the price and you will wear the crown.
Stop chasing another's man's reward just before you think your spouse is not beautiful/handsome enough, ask yourself, "do they have the peace needed to be beautiful"?

If you so wish your spouse is better than you see... make room for him/her to be what you see. Make room for peace!

From my thinking room.

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  1. Peace above every other.A peaceful life is a healthy life


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