Monday, 28 November 2016


In less than 40 days, 2016 would be in history. I don't know how the year has treating you, but one thing is certain.
If you are reading this, it then mean you are alive.
I personally don't think there should be any particular time/season to give God praise. Irrespective of your religion, thanksgiving, should be a lifestyle that is why it's called "thanksgiving".

Oftentimes, i have heard preachers said to be thanksgiving is an application for more, it is the only way your tank can be full. Come on that you are hale and healthy is enough reason to give thanks to your creator. If you have lost anything, it is because of God you didn't lost everything.

Let's see some scriptural reference on thanksgiving;
Col 3:15
Jonah 2:9
Rev 4:9-11
Luke 22:19
Ps 75:1
Daniel 6:10
Ps 136:1-3
Ps 105:1
Col 4:2
Ps 28:7
Ps 92:1
Jer 33:11
Eph 5:20
Ps 106:1
Col 3:16
Heb 12:28
Ps 118:1-8
Ps 69:30
Phil 4:6
Philemon 1:4
Ps 100:4
Ish 12:4
1thess 5:18
Ps 107:1
1chr 29:13
Dan 2:23
Ps 95:2-3
2cor 1:11
Ps 30:12
Rev 11:17
Be in the mood of thanksgiving this season so ejoice and be thankful. I am thankful for life. What are you thankful for?

1 comment:

  1. Thankful for everythying,answered prayers and non answered ones
    thank you for my lovely family and peace round about

    I am grateful lord


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