Tuesday, 22 November 2016

He slept with my friend but said he was only testing her

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Please make me anonymous. I am an ardent follower of your blog and would like to share an experience i have recently with a guy i met on facebook.

I met this guy about four months ago on facebook and we chatted for awhile before i agreed to see him. Even before we saw face to face, i have already known from our daily chats and calls that he is a nice person so on seeing, i wasn't disappointed neither was was i surprised when he turned to be exactly how i envisaged.

All has been going on smoothly with us until very recently when i found out that he also sent a friend request to two people on my friend list which are my friends in real life. Sending them friend request is not bad but he went ahead to toast them and tell them not to allow me know what's going on.

One agreed and i learnt even slept with him (thank God i haven't) but the other didn't and threatened him that if he didn't stop pestering her, she will tell me which she actually did.

Even before i confronted him he opened up and told me everything. Now he is pleading that he still wants me that he wanted to know if i had genuine friends that's why he did what he did.
I don't want to date him again but he is pestering me and claimed that it's because he loves me that's why he told me everything without me asking. Am confused.


Orishiorishi that is happening this end time ehen..Please my dear run for your life as this guy is a total waste and does not deserve you. Thank goodness you said you didn't sleep with him. This is the type that will marry you and with all your single friends in the name of testing. Please stop all form of communication with him and focus on your life. 

Am not totally against online love but the risk involved is too much so ladies please be careful. Look, watch and pray before you leap. 
Good luck dear and thanks for sending your mail. 

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  1. is he a tester?better run along,cos this one will eventully say he was testing you when time comes


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