Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The type of brethren you are likely to see in a Pentecostal church

Hey guys, how do you do? It's Wednesday already? Can't seem to understand why the days are rolling by so fast happy about it though. So am back from my Palace assignment hehehe plus have you seen our blog title yet?

So i am here with my thought on the above.

Over the years, i have noticed these categories of persons in the pentecostal church don't know if am alone on this, but, here are my observations on the type of people you easily find in a pentecostal church.

The worshippers
This type can worship for Africa lolz. They cry when they worship, they demonstrate with their hands and sometimes lie on the floor as a mark of total surrender. They can sing almost all the worship song in history plus they know the most recent gospel worship singer. They appear well dressed to church and hardly miss a service but are not in any service group in church. They just come and basically worship and go home. They may say hi to one or two people after service and they dissappear till seven days time.

The front seat occupiers
How they manage to maintain the front row in the church, is what i can't yet figure out. These type are mostly guys. They are always seated on the front row of the church, that when they are not on their seats, just be assured that, they aren't in church. They make it look like a clique as they hardly associate with those seated elsewhere.

The note taker
Don't even go there. These ones are faster in writing than a typewriter. They take note of every activity with time and date appropriately noted.
Their note pads is usually bigger than their bibles. Lol. If they miss a verse they ask round till they found it plus they usually come to church with an extra pen.

The seed sowers
They are the ones that run to the nearest offering basket to drop money after every prophetic declaration. They inconvenient whoever that is sitting beside them with their frequent movement. They come to church with plenty of N10 and N20 change. They key to prophetic declaration that they sometimes do not have money for offering. Note that, these set of worshippers hardly pay their tithe.

The bible student
OMG you better not sit close to these ones in church because they may make you feel like the sinner. These are very conversant with the bible. They practically take words out of the mouth of their pastor. They know the bible like the back of their hands. Even when the pastor didn't specify a scripture or verse, they echo it to the hearing of those around them. Their bibles are mostly torn and marked and most times they don't pay their offering.

The tongue blasters
This one's can speak in tongue to save their nation. Their amen is in tongues, their hallelujah is also in tongues. Their voices are very loud when they are praying that if you aren't focused, you might be distracted. They hardly pray in a known tongue and some people in this category look unkempt.

The dancers
This category of people dances very well that people stop their dance unknowingly to watch them. They are usually noticed whenever they are not in church. They sometimes dance to slow worship songs lolz plus they are also the categories of people who sleep off immediately the pastor starts preaching. Hahahahaha.

Which of these are you and which do you want to add? Hehehe *runsaway*


  1. Lol. I guess I'm all of them. What an enjoyable post.

  2. Omg! I cant stop laughing
    and we actually have these set of people in my church i can picture each category in my head
    and there is this set of people you didnt mention those that screams immediately pastor makes a declaration.I dont know which one i fall into.ohk am the type that will fall asleep as soon as our head pastor mounts the pulpit*Lmao* but if it were to be another pastor i wont even doze*still wondering sha*

    Abeg boost this post on facebook,very funny one

  3. Ha ha ha Gloria u just made my morning. If I have to pick one I would say I am the note taker lol

  4. Ha ha ha Gloria u just made my morning. If I have to pick one I would say I am the note taker lol

  5. I was going to say the dancers then I saw that at the end. You gotta love how dramatic our churches are. LOL

  6. Nothing is more annoying than those tongue blasters. Small thing.. Them no go let person hear word

    As seen on facebook: Amadioha loves ukazi soup


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