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The covenant of sex

Hi TLB fam how is your week going? Any wedding, birthday or anniversary around? Please invite me o cos am so willing to start my owambe immediately. Btw who else is happy about the year coming to an end like me? Of a truth I have been very busy lately and i can't wait to see all my plan coming to pass soon.  *winks*
Today yours truly is going to talk about sex.  Yes you heard me right. Now many people shy away from this topic yet it is the root cause of most of the societal problems we are facing today. I don't claim to know much about this, but some few truth that may guide us in our assumptions .  
So permit me ladies and gentlemen to tell you what I think of this great word SEX
Read on.... 

SEX! Unlike what many people think is not just an act. It's not just a pleasurable thing. Believe me,"s3x" is a covenant.

"SEX" is binding! Whatever the world, the society, the devil and friends must have said to you about sex, know one thing today that there is a blood covenant that is shared during sex, it's spiritual & most people are not aware of it. When you sleep with anyone, you are bonded and a covenant is entered into unknowingly. If you sleep with a possessed person or cursed person, you have shared in that curse, It's a FACT

If you sleep with someone who belongs to an occult,you are initiated automatically and they will begin to act in your life, knowingly or unknowingly to you. Even teenagers can be members of occults so don't expect that am talking about men or women of 40 and above. If you are not spiritually sound & rooted, you can't understand this. It's important you watch who you give your body to. It's not just about sex, rather, it is about the covenant.

Destinies are switched, lives are cut short, people become wayward and keep going, others become agents against their own family unknowingly. 

That innocent-lookin­g boyfriend or girlfriend can belong. People are not as harmless as they look this days. If a married man sleeps with a lady that belongs, trust me, he can chase and beat the hell out of his wife and sends her packing, to him it's just an act of sex. 

A girl that sleeps with a guy that is cursed definitely will begin to see things going upside down for her. Guard yourself. 

This has nothing to do with religion, it's a simple fact. Sex is not as safe as it used to be and trust me, a lot of people are initiated into things they are ignorant about. 

Don't be fooled by looks & appearance, people are not as innocent as they look. Be careful. Have a fantalistic day. 

Read the proposal and the ring here

What is your opinion about this? Please share am eager to hear from you. 


  1. Hi Glory, am Samuel and since you're eager to hear from me, no problem

    I quite understand what you mean and i agree with all you've said. But in the world where you are, we all have a belief, a course and a standard in which we rely on.

    You're a Christian right?

    It would have been nice if you included some spiritual and physical references from the Bible or other great speakers of the world (even thou you are already one of them).

    Once again thanks for covenant talk ***winks***

    1. Thanks Samuel for stopping by. Am also glad you understand what i meant. Now, i deliberately didn't want to make the post too spiritual hence i didn't backup with scriptures but, you can read 1cor6:18,1thes4:3,Mark7:22. Thanks for your contribution hope to see you around frequently.

  2. I was talking to someone about this and the person was like: "Amaka, leave that thing. Sex is just sex"

    Many fail to understand that sex is sacred. So sacred that God only designed it for those who have been joined into one (via a holy matrimony). Sex is the highest form of covenant ever.

    This world haff spoil finish. I wish sex wasn't taken lightly as it is today. May God help us stay pure.

    Pleasure In Sexual Purity

    1. Lolz at the world haff spoil finish. Seriously, this is one important issue i wish people don't take for granted. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. sex is a form of bond between both parties,Do you think its beans that couple look like each other.That is why its recommended for 'married people".
    And on the otherr hand,Sex has ruined many lives both spiritually,physically


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