Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Six things you must do before 2017

We will be saying goodbye to 2016 in 87 days time. The year no doubt is a year of drama. It's a year Nigerians will not forget in a hurry.
The year where dollar rose above N400 for the first since i came into existence. Even if you don't use/spend dollars don't you eat rice? It's in 2016 a bag of rice, also rose above N20,000 for the first time too. I can go on and on but i believe you know the story just like i do.

So you see, there are quite alot of things to make 2016 an unforgettable year.
Now, even as hard as this recession is biting into our economy, there are things you still should do before the year finally come to an end.

Below is the list i created.

Have a proper check-up

Yes i know that, in this part of the world, we seldom visit the hospital until we are sick and most times it has to be severe before we pay a visit to the doctor.  This is wrong in every way because we owe ourselves the responsibility of taking care of our body. Personally i think as an adult, we should have a check-up done for atleast three times a year. The easiest way to treat an ailment, is when its discovered early. Think about this.
Read how often you should go for check-up here

Plan a vacation
Come on you need a break. You have been working since January it's time to rest for at least two weeks. Two weeks of not waking up early so as not to be late for work, two weeks of not being under pressure to make sales or prepare reports, two weeks of 80% rest.  This will allow your nerves to be relaxed also and refresh your energy.
Note that your vacation can be more than two weeks, it all depends on what you do and where you work.

Buy yourself a gift
Please if you haven't done that already, this is the best time to do it. A gift may not necessarily mean an expensive stuff, but just deliberately go to the mall or wherever, and get a stuff for yourself.

Affect a life positively
Yeah the very essence of existence, isn't how influential or rich you are, but its how you were able to make another person smile. Now, being the last quarter of the year, is a great opportunity for you to be able to affect atleast a life that is if you have not been doing that before.
This season, wipe another person's tears, put food on another's table, give another hope. It would be a wasted year if you don't affect another person's life positively.

Don't just visit my blog
Don't just visit trendy living blog, but visit and share my post "bikonu"and follow me on all my social media handle. I recently created a facebook page for the blog (@TrendyLivingBlog) please like the page. Help a sister's ministry and you have touched a life.

Have a thanksgiving
This is very important, that it shouldn't be taken for granted. If you have lost anything, believe it or not it is because of God that you didn't lost everything. Do not take that for granted you owe God thanks.

Did i miss anything? Please feel free to contribute in the comment section.


  1. Love this post so much. Having a personal time is essential so a vacation should take care of that. Buying ourselves gifts too is expedient.

    1. Yeah a vacation is necessary atleast once a year. Thanks for finding this helpful.

  2. Affecting lives positively has been on my mind for days now. There is something brewing in my spirit, but my heart is yet to grasp it.

    Thanks for this post. I agree with every point. 2016 would end in praise.

    1. Thanks Amaka and please do what you are led to do.

  3. Having time to take holiday is something to be envied, cultivated and practiced. Our body's begins to replenish itself as we take some time out and we begin to see things objectively. Love it, it is amazing if you can make it happen.

    1. The ability to make it happen lies with us. It surely will happen if our plans are well laid out. Thanks for reading.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I really need to do Point 1 & 2. I need to take care of myself better! A vacation would be awesome and my health is also really important. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. Point one is what i considered the most important. It's a habit we should adopt. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Point one is important,cos when there is life then you will be able to do the remaining 5.
    Health is wealth! guilty as charged

    thanks for sharing

  6. Like play, like Play! 2017 don dey use style to waka commot be that ooh!

    Great Post here Gloria | If i was to plan a vacation, i would like Edo state in Benin city: Pay a visit to my sisters there, catch fun and from there to Lagos.
    I might also use the chance to see yooooooouuu!
    But all these things na money ooooh!


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