Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Should i collect the panties from him?

I am in a confused state right now don't know what to do.
I recently celebrated my birthday and the company where i work has a special way of celebrating employees on their birthdays. It is a tradition that every of your colleague buy you a gift. It may not be expensive but just get something for the celebrant.
So i have this male married colleague of mine, who got me panties. I was shocked when i opened the gift and saw them. Is it normal for him to get me undies as a gift?.  It's more than a week now he has been avoiding me. Should i confront him and return the gift?.

Even though i am single i can't date a married man let alone one who works in the same office with me. Please post this on your platform i need advice.

I am happy that you said you can't date a married man. Now, i will advice you confront him. It maybe that it was a mistake. Please confront him and hear from him. Avoiding each other is not the solution. 

My opinion is that it is not decent for a man whom you share no intimacy with to buy you panties as a gift. 
If it was deliberate please return them. 


  1. Lool. The man put her in a really tight spot sha. I'd probably return the panties if it were me.
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  2. why did he buy you peant! dont you have good paent?He might be flirty.avoid him


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