Tuesday, 18 October 2016

See where love found these two

They met in a commercial bus in Lagos 2008, eight years later they are getting married.
Read the amazing story of these lovers below: 

According to MissPoza, she was on her way back from the General Certificate Examination (GCE) in Lagos when she unknowingly joined the same bus with her future husband. Then Bello was on IT.
Something about him interested me as he sat close to me in the bus chewing. We got along and became more intimate, he supported and remained true to me throughout my days in school after i gained admission to Delta state (despite the distance). 

Eight years after we are getting married. Can't just appreciate God enough for the man he gave me and for the wisdom to recognize him even when he didn't look like it.🔥🔥🔥Big congrats to them!

I think the prayer every spinster/bachelor should pray, is the wisdom or grace {whatever you want to call it} to be able to recognize "the one" when you see him/her. 
This applies to every area of life. Many have missed life-changing opportunities just because they didn't come in gold plated packages.

Many have judged a book by its cover without bothering to even check the content page of that book. 
By experienced, the encounters that have matters most to me, all came casually from places i least expected. 

I remember as a spinster then, i attended weddings gorgeously dressed filled with expectation, never missed single seminars but alas "he" was not there. 
Now, many got their miracles from these places but we are not all the same. Our destinies are differently programmed. What worked for A may never work for B. 

Stop wasting your time trying to imitate people. Photocopies are never the same with original, not many people are interested in the story when they see the glory. 

Be wise.


  1. Wow, this sounds so interesting. Lol. They look so good together. Where did you meet your 'he' then lol.
    6 Life Lessons From My Pancake Fails

    1. Hahaha @Olaa maybe that should be a post on its own.

  2. This story has been trending all over the place. They met in a "molue" (public bus). How amazing.

    We find love in the strangest places.

  3. YEs i think singles should always say this prayer

    "wisdom to recognize him even when he didn't look like it"


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