Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Online relationship has ruined my life

Dear blog admim,

Honestly you are doing a great job on your blog. Your articles have been a great inspiration to me. I am proud to say am a fan. Again, this opportunity to counsel is a golden one. Kudos.

My story goes like this but please i wouldn't want my identity revealed.
Till i die, i will ever advise people especially young girls to run away from online dating. It is fraudulent in all ramification and it has ruined my life.

After my graduation from the University, i stay jobless for two years. Two years of hardship, two years of lack and want so when i got a well paying job, my joy knew no bounds.

I am not actually a social media person. I just pop in check updates, read headlines and some of my favorite blogs and am out.

Somewhere along the line, since i have no steady relationship, a friend introduced me to a supposed christian dating site. Where i buried myself day and night looking for love. I finally found what i was looking for (or so i thought) in a guy from the southern part of Nigeria. We connected immediately and calls, test, video calls, Imo, (just name it) all followed and i was happy truly for the first time in four years.

After frequent and intimate interaction, we decided it's time we see ourselves. A decision he wholeheartedly agreed to. Few days to my traveling down to his state, cos i live in Lagos he called to say his mother is seriously sick and has been rushed to the hospital and a large some of money is needed which he can't raise as his money was recently channeled into a business.
Without wasting time i sent almost all i have saved for the past years cos he said they want to operate on the mom and she may die if the operation wasn't done that day.

After sending the money, i waited for sometime and decided to call to find out how the mom is doing, but till this moment the number has been switched off its almost three months now and there's no day i don't feel like killing myself for being such a fool at 29.
I searched for him on the site we met but didn't find him.

I couldn't even tell my friend that introduced me cos she warned that i should be careful when she saw how carried away i was with this devil.
Please published and i pray as many that read this will not be a victim like me.

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  1. lemme finish laughing hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    you fall mugu pele


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