Monday, 31 October 2016

Mind your mind

Man is a class of his own, of all the creatures on this planet, he is the only one that can contact the past, be intelligently intouch with the present, and live in the future.

He does this through his mind. We seem to take this reality for granted, and so have lost out on the potentials that exist in these capacities of the mind to propel us towards the fulfillment of destiny.
The one who wants to make progress must know how to take advantage of these abilities of the mind and channel them appropriately.

The mind does not work in a vacuum. I like to describe the mind as a manufacturing plant that must be fed with input, call it raw material, before it can process an output which is the product.
Our minds is like the computer that depends on the materials fed into it to come up with conclusions.

The kind of information you expose yourself to, ie friends, books, magazine, radio television etc, form the basis of your thinking.

Show me the kind of materials that a man constantly exposes his mind to, and i will tell you the sort of life he or she is going to end up with. It is therefore important that we are consistent in the kind of information that you feed into your mind.

People who fail in this regard ;those who just take in anything that comes to them actually throw their mind into a confused state and they eventually lack focus and direction hence, they just drift and roam about in life.
Therefore, it is imperative, that we mind our mind as that determines the direction of our lives.
Have a productive week you all. I see you all.


  1. This is deep. Thanks Sweet Glo. :* you wrote this as a psychologist. Nice.

    When control your mind, you can change your life. #fact

  2. Really great words. I noticed the things I spent the most time doing are the things I think about the most and the things I think about the most tend to be the things I like doing.
    I definitely think the people you spend the most time around affect the way you think.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a good rest of the week Gloria :0
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  3. True talk!We all should min the kina things we surround ourselves with etiher animate or inanimate object


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