Monday, 3 October 2016

Hey!!! this pretty blogger is a year older

It's my birthday today and i can't thank God enough for HIS good works in my life.
I have learnt alot in my years on earth, but, one lesson i wish i learnt early enough is never to expect too much from people.

Most times the people you put first and even make alot of sacrifice for, do not even have you in their list. It's one lesson i learnt very late lolz.

As i start another 365 days journey, i am most grateful to God for all HE has been to me. For opening doors i thought could never open, for saying yes where i thought all hope is lost, for grace to follow HIM i say to HIM alone be all the glory. 

I have cried, i have been rejected, i have been mocked, i have felt like the world is better off without me but, HIS grace saw through it all and today, i am a better person, a stronger woman with love in her bones and i got you all to thank for giving me this platform to express myself because without you there's no, there's no trendy living blog. 

Can't believe words fail me today awwwwh but just know that i love you all so much and together we are going places and make the world a better place.  

Please say a prayer for me in the comment section and join me on instagram (trendygloria) to see more photos. 

Btw, it feels good to be 18 again LMHO.. 



  1. Happy birthday to you and may all your good desires come to pass!
    Yip! Yip!!

  2. Happy birthday to our dearest sister

  3. Happy birthday to our dearest sister

  4. Happy Birthday Pretty.Long Life and Prosperity.
    May God bless the work of your hands

  5. Happy birthday dear. wishing you prosperous years ahead. Have a nice day ma.

  6. happy bornday dearie,your pictures look good and you are beautiful! team chubby cheeks

    May God grant your heart desires

    1. Lolz thanks @bmfblog your show of love is deep. Thanks so much.

  7. Nooooo! I missed this. (forgive me)

    Happy belated Birthday, sweet Glo. May all your dreams come true right before your eyes. God bless you.


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