Friday, 21 October 2016

Help!! I need to choose between two guys

Please this is urgent. I need to choose between two guys. They are both handsome, comfortable and romantic but one is traveling abroad by December and he has promised to come for me by March next year.

I love both of them. Though met the abroad guy two months after the other but knew both of them this year. Do you think i should follow the abroad guy because i have always wanted to travel abroad and this is like an opportunity for me, or i should stay with the other one who is also very serious with me.

Please advice as i am tired of dating both of them.

Please do not play games with your life dear. Matters of the heart isn't something you gamble with. 
There is no way you can love both men equally. Just look deep inwards and let love rule. 

There's a funny statement that says if you leave the man with vision and marry the one with television, very soon you will start watching the man with vision on your husband's television. 
Don't understand this craze for abroad. Wish you luck.


  1. Abroad sha! we cant advise you,na you know who good pass,and your happiness matters
    the choice is yours darling

  2. Lol. This is so funny. I totally love your reply. It's apt. Love the television bit too.
    Why You Should : Walk Deliberately

  3. I don't understand, how you can love both of them equally? Is it normal? ! It's a really big deal to find decent women, but I am sure that I am lucky enough to find a good wife on this site I'll start dating there, please, wish me luck!


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