Friday, 14 October 2016

Dear Gloria My father wants to marry me (concluding part)

PThis is the concluding part of a true life story that was published yesterday. To have a clearer understanding, read the first part here..

showing me extra-extra care. He makes sure he provides everything i need or make a promise in cases where he is financially incapable. He buys me pad, roll-on, undies  and every girly thing mummy is supposed to provide for daughters. At first i thought it's because am an only daughter but when i ask some of my friends, they said it is their mum that buys all those things for them. Told my mum but she said she won't have time and sometimes she gives me money but most times my dad does those shopping for me.

Even i was feeling loved by my family especially my dad, i still wasn't too comfortable with the whole show of love which my elder brother does not enjoy.

When i turned 19 and just gained admission into a varsity to run a diploma program, my dad called me one day and with tears told me not to have anything to do with a man that i should swear that he will be the only man ever in my life. Before then there have been occasional brushing of my boobs thinking it was a mistake until that day i realized it was intentional. As i write this to you am 23 in my third year in school and the intimacy between us has deepen though we haven't had sex but we do other intimate stuffs.

I know it's not normal can't tell any of my friends, can't even tell my mum cos she may not survive it (she is hypertensive) so i decided to let it out so that part of the burden will be lifted. I most times feel like committing suicide.

Who will believe my story? Where do i start from? I wish to live a normal life, have a real relationship, get married and be happy but my 58 years old father wants to marry me. Am confused.

Hmmmmm the kind of things people go through ehen. Your dad is obsessed with you dear and it is evil and stanic in every way. 
Please confide in a genuine man/woman of God, an NGO or a counselor. You must stop now. 
Do not allow the devil destroy your beautiful destiny. 


  1. omg! this is not ordinary.please tell his parents if he still have,dont tell your mum cos she might not believe you or if you can record your convo as evidence that will do
    above all take it to God in Prayer cos only him alone can do it


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