Thursday, 13 October 2016

Dear Gloria My father wants to marry me

This story got me. So many weird things happening in our society.
Read story below...

Dear Gloria,
I trust you are doing great. Thanks for this great platform where one can anonymously share their problems. This is my first time of ever writing to any blog or group for advice but i couldn't contain this anymore and decided it's more profitable to let it out than to die in silence.

I am an only daughter and my parents waited for seven years after my elder brother for my arrival. I cannot say i was born with a silver spoon, but, i had whatever i needed as a child and even till this moment.

Without apologies i say i am beautiful and well pampered by my parents.
My change started from when i turned seventeen and starting to look like a woman.

Before i go further, let me paint a picture of who my parents are. My mum is a nurse who is very passionate with her job. She is the kind of mum who make sure she provides for her family but kinda put her job first. She loves her job very much and do not fail to tell anyone who cares to listen.

My dad on the other hand is a civil servant and a man that deprived himself just to make sure his family is comfortable. My dad show us so much love especially my mum and i. In fact we miss him more when he is not around. We can go a month without mummy but can't go two days without daddy. He is a good man in all ramifications but things started to change immediately after my 17th birthday. My dad started.........  to be continued tomorrow.

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  1. Gloria kontinue putting us in suspense!


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