Thursday, 20 October 2016

Behold the 39th coronation of the Oba of Benin Kingdom

So it's the 39th coronation of the Oba of Benin Kingdom today and the city has been agog with alot of activities for the past few days as the coronation activities started on the 8th of October 2016 .

As part of the coronation rituals, Benin crown prince Eheneden wrestles with chief priest he’ll never meet again.
The crown prince of Benin Kingdom, Eheneden Erediauwa, last weekend, embarked on a symbolic wrestling bout with the chief priest of Okhuaihe shrine and the Ohen N’Ukoni Neyedo, Osarodion Usuanlele.

The implication of the symbolic wrestling bout which took place at the shrine located at Evbuekoi community, in Uhunwode Local Government Area of the state, is that once the crown prince becomes Oba, both of them will never see each other again.

The Okhuaihe chief priest, will not enter Benin City again and whenever the Oba wants to pass through the vicinity, the chief priest would leave the area.

As part of the rites and rituals, the Crown Prince visited the chief priest about 7:55p.m and both of them proceeded to the sacred forest in the community where some rites were performed before the symbolic wrestling bout.

The Crown Prince left Evuekoi for Azama N’ Uhe ancestral shrine at Oloton’s Palace in Isekhere street where some traditional rites were also performed as part of the coronation rituals.

Thereafter, the crown prince proceeded to Useh community on the 18th of October 2016, Were he will perform the Last traditional rite to ascend the throne as the OBA OF BENIN. While In USEH the Crown Prince of Benin formally chose a name that will be used to addressed him as the OBA OF BENIN KINGDOM.

As custom and tradition demands, when leaving useh community after the Successful Completion of the the traditional rite of choosing a name, the new OBA Of BENIN will make a stop at ogida traditional ground to pray for a peaceful reign and for the entire Benin kingdom.

The last time this historic event occur, was in 1979 during the Coronation of the Late oba of Benin, Oba Eradiawa.

Note also that after the traditional rite at Useh community, the Oba will never visit Useh community again. In other words, each Oba that have ruled visited this community once in their life time. The crown prince must also sleep with a virgin today a symbolic activity in ascending the throne.

Below is list of late Obas that have once accended the throne

Eweka I (1180–1246)
Uwuakhuahen (1246–1250)
Ehenmihen (1250–1260)
Ewedo (1260–1274)
Oguola (1274–1287)
Edoni (1287–1292)
Udagbedo (1292–1329)
Ohen (1329–1366)
Egbeka (1366–1397)
Orobiru (1397–1434)
Uwaifiokun (1434–1440)
 Ewuare (1440–1473)
Ezoti (1473–1475)
Ozolua (1480–1504)
Esigie (1504–1547)
Orhogbua (1547–1580)
Ehengbuda (1580–1602)
Ohuan (1602–1656)
Ohenzae (1656–1661)
Akenzae (1661–1669)
Akengboi (1669–1675)
Akenkpaye (1675–1684)
Akengbedo (1684–1689)
Ore-Oghene (1689–1701)
Ewuakpe (1701–1712)
Ozuere (1712–1713)
Akenzua I (1713–1740)
Eresoyen (1740–1750)
Akengbuda (1750–1804)
Obanosa (1804–1816)
Ogbebo (1816)
Osemwende (1816–1848)
Adolo (1848–1888)
Ovonramwen Nogbaisi (1888–1914)
 Eweka II (1914–1933)
Akenzua II (1933–1978)
Erediauwa I (1979-2016)
Ewuare II (2016-)

Behold His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II (Ewuare N Ogidigan)

Oba Ghator Kpere.......Ise


This is not a detailed note of the coronation activities, just what mua could gather. I hope a Benin person that isn't familar with his/her reads this.
I gat to go my attention is needed at the palace. *runsaway*


  1. Lol @ your attention is needed at the place. You will there, keep believing. :)

    Nice review.

  2. What a kingdom with beautiful history

  3. What a kingdom with beautiful history

  4. Nawa for benin tradition oo! why wont the crown prince and the Chief Priest not see,Beside where will he get virgins?
    just curious,he will slepp with them and dump them?
    hmmm..Orisirisi tradition sha


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