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Styles of kitchen furniture

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It has been observed that a classic furniture is the best thing you can give to your home as a well built house without the right furniture is not different from a shaft.

In this post we will be focusing on types of kitchen furnitures to choose from.

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Classic style is the choice for large kitchens in respectable houses. Classic requires open space, high ceilings, light and air. In a small dark kitchen classic style will create a depressing mood. Classic means natural wood, bronze or brass fittings, framed facades, straight lines and natural tones.

Modern is a very popular style, it is diverse and flexible. A distinctive feature of modern is simplicity, austerity of lines and limited palette (usually two contrasting but restrained tones). You can infinitely complement such an interior by different expressive features playing on contrasts or adhering to the basic design line.

Hi-Tech is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and rigor, it is inspired by dreams of space future – such kitchens resemble cabins of cosmic apparatuses from fiction films. To create a kitchen in high-tech style, you should use appropriate materials - glossy plastic, steel and glass. Colors are usually restrained - white, gray, pale blue, black. This style is very attractive, but it also has disadvantages - hi-tech requires some order and is "not a friend" to excessive accessorizing.

Rustic style is the exact opposite of hi-tech. Warmth, comfort, a little bit of disorder, handmade and vintage items, charming rural simplicity - these are the main features of the style. To create the effect of "little house in the village”, choose light wood furniture with natural patterns. Ceramic, wood or brass fittings, bright fabric tablecloths, baskets, bundles of dried herbs and antique ceramics will complement the interior.

And what about colors? Psychologists and designers agree that the color has a huge impact on our mood and even on our health. It is proved that the red and orange colors increase the appetite, and the blue and green make us eat less. Soft shades of green - pistachio and mint – have positive effect on digestion. Cold brown, dull black and dark gray are the wrong colors for kitchen, they subconsciously oppress.

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  1. There's nothing that is as pleasing to my eyes as a beautiful kitchen. These look so beautiful. Especially the second one.
    Glo, this blog design is giving me life! Well done sisi.

    PreciousCore Blog

    1. Hehehe a beautiful kitchen is every woman's dream.
      Thanks mami for the review it just renewed my hope. Lolz

  2. Lovely kitchen furniture.

  3. I cant wait to have the kitchen of my dream


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