Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Six things you didn't know about me

Hey guys how are you doing? Hope your week hasn't been as stressful as mine? . So today, am going to be saying some things about me i feel you should know. Yes! i know this is long overdue post but didn't they say that,  "better late than never"?.

Abeg enjoy reading joor..

Am From Edo State. 
Alot of people see me and because am light-skin they assume am from the east. I have nothing against easterners o just marveled at how a particular color is associated to a particular ethnic group. Though i was born in waffi (warri) but am a bona-fide Edo pikin etsako to be precise. I understand speak my language even though not fluent, i can boost of sustaining a conversation in my dialect. I can even read and write my dialect to some extent.(Please clap for me joor.). So the next time you see an etsako or afeiman person tell them you know their sister..

Am a proud wife. 
I know some of you knew of my marital status but i can bet that you didn't know i have been married for more than five years. Yes! I have been in the institution (lolz) for more than five years so if you need tips on what to expect as a new bride, holla at me..

My husband is a servant of God. 
Aren't you surprised at this? Yeah my bobo has a special call upon his life to shepherd God's people (if you know what i mean). Don't mind me ooo all this plenty story would have been simply put in a statement "he is a pastor ".  We are Aaron to a Moses for now so don't call me mama.

Am a shy person. 
You are surprised right? The shyness eheee use to be on a grade five level but is now on grade one. Before now, am one person that can't face a crowd of ten i remember the first time i was to address some youth years ago, the thought of how to face the crowd alone gave me fever before the seminar *lolz*. Thank God i have long overcome that person and i can say that am much better now.

Am a TTC mum(wife) 
Don't know if i should say mum or wife o. Just use what you feel is most appropriate. Ok for you that don't know what a TTC is, it means Trying To Conceive.

Should i be shy about it? Hell no because it's a phase and will definitely pass soon. So when next you go on your knees to pray, please include me in your prayers cos that (prayers) is where my strength lies.

I love pictures + i am an Oct 3rd child. 
Just take me out only to snap pictures and you have made my day. Do you blame me? The camera also love me as much as i love it. So it's twelve days to my birthday and i am super excited.
Thanks for your time. This brings us
to the end of season one of getting to know me i hope you enjoyed reading?.
I believe with these few points, some persons can write an essay about me lolz.

Thanks for reading.. I see you all. Please tell somebody to tell somebody about trendy living blog ejooor help a sister's ministry.

Btw don't miss tomorrow's post have a heart-breaking mail to share with us.


  1. Awww sweedy God will definately visit you.. It wont be long and make sure i get my invite for the naming ceremony

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook

    1. Thanks love. Of course you will be invited.

  2. Hmmm . . . After how many years, I am just knowing somebody. Lol


    God is working on it. Stay positive.

    1. Lolz it's just seventeen months na.. Yes i am. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. May God grant your heart desires in Jesus Name. I like your personality tho, in love with your new blog theme and design

    Topmost Blog

  4. none shall be barren in the land.May God answer you and give you a tangible memorial for your birthday.

    cheers.i know you are froma muslim home..yipppie!madam call me ooh nawa for you

  5. Wow!!! Its only the Edo part I knew o. God bless you and give you your heart desire


  6. I think am the only one who know all this expect the part of the love for pictures.. Lol am a good follower and I study people a lot. And you are very good in counselling

  7. Awww. You look Igbo tho. Never knew you were married, your miracle is in the way. God bless you Gloria. I love ur new Theme.

    1. Yeah people always conclude i am Igbo because of my complexion. Amen can't wait to hold that miracle.


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