Wednesday, 28 September 2016

She is my woman

One of the reasons why i helplessly fell in love with my hubby was how he showed whoever care to listen, that, he is proud of me. How he showed me that no matter how i look he is always proud that i am his.
Women hate it when their men are not proud of them. Every woman wants to be appreciated, wants to be showed-off proudly by her man.

It baffles me when i see men relegate their women to the background because of flimsy excuses.

When God commanded men to love their wives, HE didn't give conditions. You shouldn't love your wife less because she is fat, or less educated. Rather, help her improve on the areas where she is lacking and get involved in the process with her.

I know of a man who went and got a girdle for the wife and encourage her to exercise regularly just because he doesn't like it when she has big stomach. If you ask me, that is a sign of love, a sign of oneness (as in what and how you look is also my business).

There's is no point going into a relationship that won't add value to your life, a relationship that will reduce your self-esteem and make you feel worth-less shouldn't be considered at all.

Your man may not do it like "Mr A" is, but you should understand his language and know whether you are celebrated or just needed to perform wifely duties.

Let's see what @lutherfreeman has for guys who think their women must be stunning and attractive before they can show them off.

4 Diff guys commented on my page saying, "It's EASY for me to proudly display my love for my woman simply because she's ATTRACTIVE." (I want to help any guys out there who may share this mentality)

No bro, I display love for my woman because of one reason only.. SHE'S MY WOMAN!

She's the 1 special person I selected to share life with in an entire world filled with BILLIONS of people. She's an extension of Me.. She's a representation of Me.. To Me.. That's Special! (if you share yourself with multiple women, I don't expect you to understand) Something also very important to mention, "I Love Myself" & I take pride in the man I'm working to become.

If you're NOT proud of who you are, you WILL NOT be able to see the value of what you have! You WILL NOT not feel that what you have deserves to be cherished, but you WILL give "hell" to the ONLY person who actually chose to stick around to accept you and your bull💩!

You WILL NOT understand the beauty behind another man showing value to what belongs to him because the way you think to treat what you have is totally different during this phase of your life. And all you can do is make excuses "why" it's easier for another man to love what he has. You might have exactly what you think I have, but before you will actually be able to see that very same beauty in your lady, you must FIRST see it in yourself! You might see my woman as the total package behind the visual half package only because I chose to give you the other half based on how I speak of her value.

My advice for guys who think like that would be to start making an intentional effort to appreciate their lady for the "little things" about her that makes her beautiful on the inside, & not only will you view her equally as appealing out the outside, you'll also finally realize that she's uniquely the ONLY person in this entire world EXACTLY the way she is. AND, not only did you choose her, She Also Chose You!

And THAT ALONE should be enough reason to value her as the queen she is.. Simply because SHE'S YOURS!! 

What do you say about this?  Share your thoughts please. 

Today is Edo State's gubernatorial election. Please wish us well.


  1. Hmmmm. . . All the guys I know need to read this. Very very important advice here.

    1. You can say that again. Very important for the survival of every relationship.

  2. yews! Nigerian men should read this especially the Yoruba demons,they should stop treating their wives like shit!


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